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Thread: 2013 Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by theegyptian View Post
    We've got back to back ashes; the champions trophy; a number of bi-lateral ODI series squeezed into the schedule; South Africa trying to consolidate their no.1 test status against Pakistan; India trying to salvage something at home against Australia; and New Zealand trying not to become inconsequential in international cricket with home and away series against England.
    So predictions?
    Ashes Series 1-1, Home advantage counting. Mitchell Johnson to win a couple of tests to the delight of everybody on CW.
    Champions Trophy winners England make best use of home conditions
    Michael Clarke's back crumbling under the pressure of carrying Australia's batting
    New Zealand to fall further into all time lows over all 3 formats
    Sachin to retire after a miserable tour against Australia. India come out on top anyway with the inexperienced Aussie batting struggling against spin.
    What are your predictions for 2013?
    We've also got World Cup Qualifiers of which I'm massively scared Kenya could miss making it for the first time since 1996, spelling the end of cricket in Kenya period.
    Quote Originally Posted by andruid View Post
    I have heard it said that Chuck Norris' googly would literally break legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    I always tip 10% and never litter or talk loudly tbf.

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    Australia are going to get pumped in England. I cannot for the life of me see their batsman standing up to the English attack on a regular enough basis.

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    BUMP. Let's see how well we did.

    Quote Originally Posted by morgieb View Post
    * Australia to regain the Ashes at home after losing another rubber in England.
    * Bangladesh to finally win a test against full-strength opposition
    * India to lose to Australia and get wiped out against South Africa.
    * South Africa to lose at least one test against either New Zealand or Pakistan.
    * A current (or recent) international cricketer dies
    * Sachin finally retires, so does Jayawardene, Zaheer, Kallis, Samaraweera, and a surprise name.
    * Pakistan to win the Champions Trophy
    * South Africa to remain #1 in tests, nfi about other championships.
    * Year-End Test XI: Cook, Warner, Amla, R Taylor, Clarke, Kohli, Prior, Swann, Pattinson, Steyn, Anderson
    * Yep
    * Sort of. They did beat Zimbabwe but I dunno if that counts. More importantly their competitiveness against proper Test sides has vastly improved.
    * No on both accounts. TBF, India were lucky to not get wiped out against South Africa, but they actually showed quite a bit of fight.
    * Correct on a technicality. They won all their matches in South Africa but lost a Test to Pakistan in the UAE.
    * Don't think so no.
    * 3/5 - not bad. I think Swann counts as a surprise name too.
    * No.
    * Yes.
    * My Test XI had 4/11 IIRC. Not awful I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hendrix View Post
    England to realise too late that their bowling attack relies on 2 players and will suffer the same ignominy as India. They will still beat NZ, but some serious questions will be raised.

    South Africa will remain dominant, although Pakistan will give them a few scares.

    India will turn things around pretty quickly upon the introduction of B Kumar and Rahane to their side.
    2.5/3. India did turn things around but it wasn't due to Bhuvi or Rahane. Also, England didn't raise those questions, to their own demise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flem274* View Post
    Ross Taylor to belt 10 consecutive double hundreds in five tests against England upon his international return. England to then get belted in the Ashes and give up pretending they can play cricket.

    That Steyn bloke to continue picking up bucketloads of wickets.
    You know if you dial down the exaggerations a bit and switch Taylor's hundreds from England to the Windies these were some pretty good calls.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bahnz View Post
    I need u like Henry Nicholls needs batting school
    He was terrible in that series
    I need u like Ross Taylor needed to be fit
    He's way better than Henry Nicholls
    And now all I can think about is your smile
    and that ****** test series too
    Losing to Australia sucked and I miss you
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    Seems like my tips have been deleted. You'll all just have to take my word that I predicted most things that ended up happening, namely:

    - Jono making lots of **** posts
    - Sledger, Furball and Benchmark all being banned at some point in 2013
    - Burgey to lose his rag with at least one blow-in
    - Ben Stokes to score a ton on second dayboo

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredfertang View Post
    England to win the Ashes 3-0 with Australia getting two draws thanks to the weather intervening.

    Simon Katich to embarrass Australian selectors

    Celebration of series victory to coincide with news of death of Margaret Thatcher, who will thereby have done the only decent thing of her evil life.
    Pretty good Fred
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    Very well then I contradict myself,
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    Quote Originally Posted by grecian View Post
    Pretty good Fred
    Suspiciously so, I would venture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flibbertyjibber View Post
    England to thrash Australia in England and retain the urn down under as Aussies can't regroup in time.
    Lyon to get dropped.
    Sachin to eventually retire after Aussie series.
    Aussies have an injury free attack (sorry ridiculous fantasy)
    Swann to go past 250 wickets and still be regarded **** by majority of Aussies.
    Well got the last one right anyway.

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