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Thread: Tony Greig RIP

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    Although you nommed him in the 'Infamous' thread Fred - which I can see why btw - interesting that most of you remember him as a commentator but the English (and over-40s) recall him mainly as a player. I only caught him at the end of his England career but I can well imagine what a breath of fresh air he would have been in the rather middle-aged England dressing-room of 1972, Illingworth, D'Oliveira, MJK and all.

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    RIP Tony. One of the voices of summer. I used to coach Rugby and Cricket at the same school his son attended and on the few occasions I met him he was always very friendly. Was a intimidating figure mind you.
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    My old man played Nuffield (now Coke Week u19 cricket) against him. Huge competitor from a young age, even then. Our schooling system is probably big behind that with the rivalries created and tough cricket most Saturday mornings. Still went back to Queens College when he went back to visit family in South Africa.

    For those who missed Channel 9's brilliant tribute to him. Here it is -

    Benaud remembers Tony Greig - YouTube
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    thanks for posting that video
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