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Thread: People 'tarnishing their legacy' by going on too long...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    I think this is where your argument is a little inconsistent though.

    At times you have talked about Tendulkar's average dipping.

    Then you've also talked about it just being sad to see him struggle as if he can't hold a bat.

    They are two different things. One is you saying his average falling below 55 will hurt his legacy. The other is just a general sadness of seeing a former great no longer be any good.

    Everyone agrees with your latter point. But not everyone agrees with your first point.
    The reason for the confusion is the two points are not mutually exclusive of each other. The dipping average is a function of the decline in performances.

    My tongue and cheek comment about the 55 average was a secondary concern to his decline as a batsman, correct, but without being a total stats-maggot, it does irk me a little all the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spark View Post
    This is basically it.
    Well it comes up a lot in reference to, say, Muhammad Ali. And I don't think there are many stats goblin boxing fans.

    But then, Ali is still probably the most iconic sportsman ever so maybe it just isn't really that important when you bow out.

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    I think the Ali example actually supports what a lot of people here are saying. While his last few fights are often brought up in discussion, they're usually mentioned in the context of him being so far gone he was getting beaten by blokes who shouldn't have been fit to lace his gloves and that while it was sad to watch, those bouts are no way to judge his greatness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grecian View Post
    C'mon Man U.
    RIP Craigos

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    There's an interesting article by Ed Smith on cricinfo today that touches on this issue.

    Ed basically says that cricket today is, in most aspects, very hard-nosed and professional, but becomes very coy and bashful when deciding on the exits of great players.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Smith

    In this area, modern sport goes all weak and wobbly, prone to fits of extravagant sentimentality. We hear the usual phrases over and over: "He'll know when the time is right… he's got to be able to make the decision himself when he's ready… after so many years of service, it's only fair he gets to choose… his home town would be a fitting finale…"

    Really? Since when did the player know better than the selector who is selecting him? Since when is a batsman or bowler the best judge the trajectory of his own ability? It sounds like a highly amateurish set-up for such professional times. And why should a team organise its selection to provide "closure" for one player in the form of a ticker-tape send-off in his home town? By that logic, it is time to send home all the statistical analysts who try to provide coaches with what gamblers call "the edge" in selection. If the modern way is just to ask the star players what suits them best, sports teams could save themselves a fortune by abolishing support staff.
    Very fair point, IMHO.
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    Tendulkar would have been dropped if it was not for his "legacy", this year he scored 2 fifties out of 15 innings at an average of 23.8. Tendulkar is cricket in India. It will be easier for Tendulkar to announce retirement then wait for a decision from cricket India or his fans as they will most likely want to see him play badly then not see him play at all.

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