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Thread: Players who debuted together

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    Quote Originally Posted by tooextracool View Post
    Rikki Clarke and Gareth Batty.

    Or are we going to pretend that never happened?
    Bumble mentioned Rikki Clarke as a possible for future international honours earlier. Think the early mornings are getting to him, that or he is still drunk after a night out with Botham.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wpdavid View Post
    A few from England tests ...

    Dennis Compton and Cyril Washbrook shared a debut against New Zealand at the Oval in 1937

    Dexter, Illingworth and Subba Row against New Zealand at Manchester in 1958

    And both Hollioakes debuting against Aus at Nottingham in 1997 may be the only example of brothers making their test debuts in the same match.
    Three brothers in this match:

    Only Test: England v Australia at The Oval, Sep 6-8, 1880 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

    Contrasting fortunes indeed as the youngest Grace brother made a pair, and died before he could get another chance.

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    Everton Matambanadzo and Pommie Mbangwa for Zimbabwe v Pakistan in 1996

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    Also Grant and Andy Flower, vs India at Harare in 1992. All but one of the Zimbabwe side were debuting in that match, John Traicos having played for South Africa many years before.

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