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Thread: new zealand's most effective pace bowling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flem274* View Post
    I don't want to see roles banged down these guys throats tbh. Everyone is there to be a superstar who can smash opposition single handedly, and Bracewell and Southee have already proven they can do that. Boult has the goods to do it as well.

    I'll be a sad phlegm if we turn someone into Brent Arnel because we want to make a classical workhorse third seamer.
    I only partially agree with this. If we want to win test matches someone needs to take on the role of first change bowler. Bracewell is more conducive to this role because he's more of a seamer than a genuine swing bowler so he needn't rely as much on the new ball as Southee and Boult.

    I haven't watched much domestic cricket but the one thing I hope for is that the up and coming fast bowlers aren't asked to play too much t20 cricket.

    Milne looks like he's spent 2 years working on a good slower ball, when that time could've been spent perfecting his ball release and working on that inswinging yorker and learning about reverse swing. He still looks like a good prospect but it'd be great to have him as a first change bowler after Southee and Boult. Someone who's fast and can also reverse the ball when it gets old would be very tough to deal with after that pair.

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    Need your third seamer to keep it tight after the initial burst by the two attacking bowlers. Bracewell didn't do that job at all well yesterday.

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