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Thread: First Impressions

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    International Debutant salman85's Avatar
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    Shami has looked good.Though he hasn't looked as good as cricinfo would have you believe.

    I think he needs to build up physically a bit.And of course, be coached by the right people.Going by India's history of overhyped fast bowlers,the chances of Shami eventually fizzling out are much higher compared to the chances of him developing into a something noteworthy.There have been Indian fast bowlers in the past who have done better than Shami in the initial parts of the career (Ishant for one), only to become absolute jokes later on.

    I think it is imperative that he is coached by someone capable at this stage of his career.Wasim for me, would be one such guy.He has worked with Indian pacemen in the past, and their performances have always gone up when he's been around.
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    i liked the look of him in that odi where the deck had a bit in it. looks ripe to do well on non sc tracks imo
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    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    Fortunately for us all, Shami's fully sequenced genome is now (finally) available to all on Cricinfo.

    Frankly, they're very late on it; I mean, really, it should have been out as soon as he delivered a ball above 130kph. I am very frustrated by the lack transcriptome data, to be honest. How can I conclusively say that he'll be the best pace bowler to ever play the game without at least some idea of which Super Fast Bowling Gene Clusters (SuFaBoGeCs) are translated upon the consumption of a biryani?
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    Haha, they're really going overboard this time.

    Tbf though, I love to see articles like this, and the one that came out when Awana was drafted in to the squad earlier (even though he never got a game). Just goes to show how hard it is for majority of the population to succeed in the sport, even if they have the talent.

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    Unsure if he's ready for tests. Should play a quick 150 ODIs to check.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Unsure if he's ready for tests. Should play a quick 150 ODIs to check.

    Would reach that stage by next year probably
    We miss you, Fardin. :(. RIP.
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    In the end, I think it's so utterly, incomprehensibly boring. There is so much context behind each innings of cricket that dissecting statistics into these small samples is just worthless. No-one has ever been faced with the same situation in which they come out to bat as someone else. Ever.
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