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Thread: Current pecker order?

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    "Imran Khan's coming in from the member's end, and there's a few female fans down there who'd like to get down to his member's end and face a couple of balls.

    And he's hung like a rogue elephant too, Imran. I'll never forget on the 72/73 tour with the Rest of the World team, I was sharing a room with him, and one night he cracked one through the covers, and I can tell you that little hotel bed of his blew up to resemble one of those huge Pakistani marquees. And boy oh boy, was that something to behold."
    Oh for a strong arm and a walking stick

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    Porkahstarni Morqueeees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rvd619323 View Post
    Has to be Joel Garner, surely.
    The story is that Steve Waugh anointed Krezja as the clubhouse leader, pushing Big Bird back into second place.

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    On Soccer AM (football magazine show on Sky) they used to interview a different player every week and one of the questions they asked was "Who's the longest in the shower?"

    Most of the foreign players missed the double entendre and said X or Y player takes ages in the shower and preening in front of the mirror, but the guy most frequently mentioned by the Brits was former Villa & Wolves keeper Michael Oakes, who's been compared favourably to a shire horse.

    Ironically for such a massive ****, John Terry is supposedly gifted in that department too. Although Fat Frank reputedly has what we might politely call "reverse Jason Krezja syndrome".
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    "Ben Stokes, that most unlikely saint, worked the second of the two miracles he needs for his canonisation." - The Guardian's Andy Bell on the England all-rounder's Headingley ton

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