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Thread: Playing Starc vs South Africa and Aus 'A' selection

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    Quote Originally Posted by robelinda View Post
    No point selecting guys that are in bad form. Cutting has been woeful this season, so has Khawaja.
    How about picking 3 out of Bird, Butterworth, Cutting, Hazelwood in 'A' side.

    Well its not entirely out of the place decision not to pick a good pace attack so to deprive SA of good practice before 1st test and eat them undercooked at Gabba.

    But there is another theory, when are you going to test these 4 against a TOP batting side? Only chance they would get is when 2-3 simultaneous injuries happen. Then basically you would be tossing a coin and picking 1 out of these 3-4. Better to have a look at them now and know what are your 1st choice options if couple of frontline bowlers break down, right ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robelinda View Post
    Not even making the QLD 4 day side at the moment.
    That's just bizarre if true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pup Clarke View Post
    That's just bizarre if true.
    Was just for Adelaide; they wanted two spinners and he's a bit pitch-reliant so they made him twelfth man. He'll be back at the other venues.
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