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Thread: Battle of the Infamous

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    Gilchrist, simply for been a violent thug.

    This thread deserves extra points just for Brumbers' descriptions of some of the contestants.
    #J.Hobbs; #L.Hutton; #D.Bradman; #V.Richards; #G.Sobers; #A.Border; #A.Gilchrist; #K.Miller; #I.Khan; #S.Warne; #M.Marshall;

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    Miandad was a comically self-absorbed douche. Gilchrist seems like a genuinely nasty thug.
    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    I can think of a list of Sydney Grade posters who would contribute a better average post than Bahnz.
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    Maow like no one can hear you maowing.

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    Quarter Final 2 Results:

    Roy Gilchrist - 9
    Javed Miandad - 1
    "The Australian cricket captain is the Prime Minister Australia wishes it had. Steve Waugh is that man, Michael Clarke is not." - Jarrod Kimber

    RIP Fardin Qayyumi and Craig Walsh - true icons of CricketWeb.

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    Quarter-final 3:

    Hansie Cronje (South Africa)


    - Protagonist of the most spectacular match-fixing scandal
    - Looked a little too suave in leather jackets for his own good
    - Bringing down Herschelle Gibbs and Henry Williams with him
    - Chucked a stump through the umpire's door after Mark Waugh was given a match-winning life
    - Confession starts at 2:07

    "Of course the team decided against taking the bribe, but even so, it hadn't been an immediate and strong reaction to an activity totally abhorrent to the notion of sport." - Herschelle Gibbs on Cronje's first offer

    "It wasn't even enough to cover my legal expenses." - On the size of his bookie payments

    "If you look at my entire life, how I played, how I trained, losing didn't come easy to me." - Hansie doesn't take the easy way out

    "Since that day, in a moment of stupidity and weakness, I allowed Satan and the world to dictate terms to me rather than the Lord." - Cronje revealing Lucifer's terrible shot selection

    "You bet it has Mark, my money's definitely on them for sure, 7 for 635, they'd be odds on the Australians. New Zealand I'd wager will have a devil of a time trying to score that many. The result of this match pretty much a foregone conclusion really, and that's how I like them Mark. Yes Mark, it's a safe bet they would be ****ting themselves, I'll give you the tip. Selectors are gambling on some of the new players finding form, and I know a couple of senior players desperately needed to fix their games." - Billy Birmingham, The 12th Man

    "Cronje once even agreed on $15,000 for a fix." - Osman Samiuddin

    "Even the testimony last Thursday of Cronje, the captain of the 'rainbow nation' so mesmerised by pots of gold, proved anti-climatic. Those expecting some sort of South African Moriarty at the centre of a web of deceit were instead confronted by the shambling shell of a man, mortified by his weakness for 'easy money' and still strangely oblivious to the extremity of his disgrace." - Gideon Haigh during Cronje's trial

    Quote Originally Posted by telsor View Post
    Why was Hansie buried rather than cremated?

    They couldn't find anyone to throw the match.
    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Never mind the tragedy of Cronje's death, it's a darn shame he didn't play more ODIs than he did.
    Quote Originally Posted by GingerFurball View Post
    Croft wins over Cronje because the latter had the decency to crash a plane into the side of a mountain.
    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    Cronje is a distillation of everything rotten about the sport. Corrupt, corrupting and hypocritical. The devil of the details makes one spew too: a ****ing leather jacket? Was ever a soul sold as cheaply as cricket's?
    And from a member long gone:
    Quote Originally Posted by nexxus View Post
    I remember as a fan, just wanting my team to win, Hansie was captain, my captain and could do no wrong. At the same time, I remember older people who hated the SA team and would literally support any other team but them, these people mostly still do.

    For me, the main source of bitterness was that. It was sometimes hard to be a SA supporter (especially a non-white one,) you were surrounded by people who disliked the team yet you still had faith in this guy, his pious image of righteousness, the certainty in your heart that you may lose but this team and captain would never, ever give up without a fight. He was *the man*

    And then the news broke in India, my uncle called us up just before school and told us to turn on the TV, he'd always said someone's going to fall from grace soon so he was almost reveling in it. Now, I'm of Indian origin but that mattered little. Who were those (probably corrupt & overweight) Indian cops to say those horrid things?

    He'd never do that, our Hansie, pure as the driven snow he was. He did do it though and it became more and more apparent after every passing hour, but that hope was still there. Hansie still denied it and for me, that meant it was still nothing more than lies. Then he said he did it and that was that.

    I'm still a big Proteas fan and always will be but SA cricket has never recovered from that day. He shattered the image of the sport, he sold us out for a frakking leather jacket and a meagre handful of silver.

    Ravi Shastri (India)


    - Stonewaller, petulant knob on and off-field
    - Currently paid 3.6 crore rupees (about $650k US) to fellate the BCCI on Sky
    - Retired from international cricket at age 30 to do so
    - DRS sucks, Nasser, you just hate India because you're jelly
    - Ranatunga's wingman on the chucker-callers-are-racist meme
    - Impotent; needed 18 years of marriage to conceive first child
    -....and celebrated by divorcing wife when the child was four
    - Almost getting Warnie perma-dropped on debut

    "These days, just hearing him commentate you can tell Shastri is very important because it is impossible to work out if he is actually any good." - The Guardian

    "They are jealous about the fact that India are world champions. They are jealous because of the money being made by the Indian cricket board. The bottom line is that [England] have never been bloody No. 1 in the world in Test cricket. So don't criticise unless you have been there and know." - Shastri earns his 36 million rupees

    "Your last game was a good tight game against...whom did you beat?" - Shastri while interviewing Tendulkar

    "They feel betrayed by the disclosure that commentators they trusted to give a fair and credible account of the game were under contract to speak in His Master's Voice alone." - Ramachandra Guha

    "Yeah. I always wanted to be involved in a broad-based exciting industry." - On being asked "So you're moving away from the cricket industry?" in an interview

    Quote Originally Posted by Zinzan View Post
    Shastri has always been a slimy, precious, arrogant one-eyed git with a personal agenda
    Quote Originally Posted by GingerFurball View Post
    Shastri and his ilk are the broadcasting equivelant of a one-eyed, biased troll. If I was an executive at ESPNStar I'd be ****ing embarassed at paying these guys money to spout their crap. It would be cheaper to hire someone from a YouTube comments section.
    Quote Originally Posted by Outswinger@Pace View Post
    I always knew the guy was a one-eyed jingoistic freak
    Quote Originally Posted by Vroomfondel View Post
    Just when I thought it was safe to enjoy commentary, Ravi Shastri, that giant sack of cliches, comes on. He's the one person I wouldn't put it past to ruin even the most perfectly scripted moment.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flem274* View Post
    Let me put it this way: Shashtri commentating alongside Channel Nine would make my day.

    War. Beautiful, glourious bloody war in the commentary box.
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    Gonna vote Shastri because he makes me have to have the remote to hand whenever I''m watching cricket, just in case he comes on and I need to mute.

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    Just for that episode with Nasser where he accused the English of being "jealous" of India's No.1 ranking, the IPL, and the BCCI's money. I was embarassed that he was Indian. Then again, it was counter-balanced by the fact that Nasser Hussain is of Indian origin and is awesome

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    wow this is tough..Shastri..what a db

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    Conje, by a proverbial mile. The sheer sanctimoniousness of the man invokes nausea, even beyond his actual crimes against the game that he was supposed to love.

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    Cronje. I echo wpd's sentiments. Ravi's a **** and all but it'd be a travesty if he got up here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
    I just love all kinds of balls.

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    I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... And I'm all out of bubblegum.
    Hansie's done his time. Shastri more dangerous to the modern game.

    Shastri for me.
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    Also Supporting the All Time #1 Batsman of All Time Ever - Jacques Kallis and the much maligned Peter Siddle.

    Vimes tells it how it is:
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    Heath worryingly quick.
    ~~~~Categorically not Heath Davis~~~~

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    Cronje - even the design of the leather jacket betrayed what a tedious **** he was

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    Cronje so I can see that Richard quote again and again. And again and again and again.

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    Come on
    I got a new heart, got a new heart, got a new artificial heart

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    As much of a douche Ravi is, it has to be Hansie.

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