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Thread: Battle of the Infamous

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    I think it's clear Asif is the worst person of the lot from what we know, but I never took him as an outright **** like Hayden is; he was just a self-serving smile ball. I'll abstain on the grounds that I know I should vote for Asif but really want to vote for Hayden anyway.
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    I perversely warmed to Hayden because Dicko was so anti him. Bit of an arsehole and (one suspects) not that likely to be posting a Mensa membership form back anytime soon, but out of his depth here.

    Ranatunga was a disgrace as a captain and I hold him at least as responsible for the ****ing abortion of a chucking law we have now as I do his rubber-wristed offie. He was, at least, trying to win tho.

    Which leaves Asif.
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    Asif, could have had it all
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    Rationally I should vote for Asif.

    But Hayden was such a terribly 'hammer'-like personality that even the very thought of him fills me with distaste.

    GF nails it here:

    Quote Originally Posted by GingerFurball View Post
    The phrase "God-bothering *******" was coined on a different forum I frequent to describe Hayden, and I've always thought it was pretty apt.

    No matter how great a guy he seems, there's something inherently unlikeable about Hayden.
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    How can anyone hate Matthew Hayden, he must have averaged mid-30s based on what I've read on here over the years, in comparative threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howe_zat View Post
    Hayden doesn't deserve a severe beating
    you would break your crowbar before you tired of smacking Hayden round the head with it

    terrible human being

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    Asif. Should go close to winning it itbt.

    Hayden doesn't deserve all these votes against Arjuna and Asif.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morgieb View Post
    Asif. Should go close to winning it itbt.

    Hayden doesn't deserve all these votes against Arjuna and Asif.
    AWTA. Hayden seems a ****, but Asif is up there for the most dislikable cricketer of all time.

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    Asif has to be the worst person to have played international cricket.

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    Asif deserves a landslide here. There's a world of difference between an unpleasant personality and being a crooked piece of ****.
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    Asif gives off the impression of someone who rose to celebrity far too fast, and was so completely clueless regarding how to handle it, that he's repeatedly embarrassed his team and his country. Hayden gives off the impression of an utter team man who behaved like an unfettered turd to everyone else that he ever came across.

    Will go with Asif.
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    Asif for me

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    Round 1, Battle 10 Results

    Asif - 18
    Ranatunga - 3
    Hayden - 5

    Asif fixes his spot in the round of 16.
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