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Thread: Best Deliveries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
    Quicker delivery (Spinners): Kumble
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    Double bouncer - Andre Adams

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongHopCassidy View Post
    Saqlain invented it, and used it much more judiciously (especially in ODIs) to boot.

    Murali turned it much more, but I'm not sure he used it with the same cunning discretion.
    Seriously? Saqlain may have invented it, but Murali perfected it.

    Kapil Dev's outswinger was pretty awesome - for a long time, that's all he had really. No one delivery from Kumble was really the best IMO, but he used variations in height probably better than any other spinner.

    As for Warne's leg break, I think Stuart McGill spun it more for sure. That doesn't mean it was the best mind you. Warne definitely had much more control over it, that plus Warne's straight delivery actually got him a lot of wickets. He was certainly (IMO anyway) one of the smarter bowlers to play the game.

    For such a short guy, Marshall had a VERY lethal bouncer. Akhtar also had a pretty mean short ball.
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    Peter Siddle top scores in both innings....... Matthew Wade gets out twice in one ball
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongHopCassidy View Post
    Saqlain invented it, and used it much more judiciously (especially in ODIs) to boot.

    Murali turned it much more, but I'm not sure he used it with the same cunning discretion.
    Cannot agree with it. Saqlain's sucess was due to surprise factor. He found it tough when batsmen figured out his doosra (especially SC teams). Murali never had that problem. Even batsmen picked the way it spins, still they had to deal with some monstrous spin.
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    Legal delivery - Ramnaresh Sarwan
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    Quote Originally Posted by straw man View Post
    Double bouncer - Andre Adams
    He delivered one in a WC match vs Aus - I believe Andy Bichel gleefully belted it into the stands.

    I remember being at this match - 5th ODI: New Zealand v India at Wellington, Jan 8, 2003 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo
    and this dismissal - A Kumble hit wicket b Adams was also off a double bouncer. Kumble went wtf and accidentally dislodged the bails with his bat, was fantastic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongHopCassidy View Post
    Shane Warne Bouncer to Sachin Tendulkar - YouTube

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    Waqar's inswingers are of course up there but one particular delivery that he bowled Lara out with was something I haven't seen again from any other bowler...

    Here it is..

    waqar younis yorker to lara and clean bowled A toe crusher - YouTube

    and this is Second best for me..

    Waqar Younis Greatest Yorker Ever - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongHopCassidy View Post
    Didn't get a wicket did it?

    Also guided for four here Shane Warne Bouncer to Sachin Tendulkar - YouTube

    A better shout would be Afridi's bouncer to Lara Afridi Bouncer To Lara - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by indiaholic View Post
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    Saw Mr Prez's thread, so dug this one up. Any new ones to add?

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    Southee's outswinger is really nice.

    Mitchell Johnson's bouncers are pretty good.

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    Saw Wayne Daniel rip out Mohsin Khan's leg stump with the best inswinging yorker I've still seen. Waqar might have the brand name on that sort of thing but that one from Daniel was the patent delivery.

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    Bouncer- Roberts. Fire in Babylon explained how he had two bouncers delivered with the same action at the same length but one would be significantly faster. Deadly stuff.

    Yorker - Waqar. Batsmen knew it was coming. Still got bowled

    Flipper - Warne before the injury. Used it brilliantly and fed unwitting batsmen with slow flippers intentionally only to deliver the fatal blow with a perfect, quick flipper soon after, a lot like what roberts did with his bouncer. Two great examples:

    Shane Warne KILLER FLIPPER vs Alec Stewart 1994 - YouTube

    Shane Warne - A classic flipper to Daryll Cullinan - YouTube

    Doosra - Murali. Spins it miles ffs. The one he bowled to Dhoni was ridiculous.

    Leg Cutter - Lillee. Think Imran had a great one too

    Off Cutter - Fanie de Villiers... used it beautifully and got lots of wickets with it

    Outswinger - Steyn has to be the best ive ever seen delivering unplayable outswingers consistently. This ball to Pujara, although not a traditional caught behind outswinger dismissal, is ridiculous... its like Warne at 135 kph.

    Pujara Flop against Dale steyn - YouTube

    This one to Clarke was great as well. Completely sliced open the best batsman in the world

    Unplayable delivery by Dale Steyn to Clarke at WACA, 1/12/2012 - YouTube

    Slower ball - Wasim easily the best. Malinga and Dilhara Fernando have decent slower balls too

    Wasim Akram v Sachin Tendulkar - Beautiful slower ball - India v Pakistan at Sharjah 2000 - YouTube

    Wasim Akram - The Best Slower Ball - YouTube

    Wasim Akram's slower ball - YouTube

    Filth - Botham. Batsmen just didnt know how to negotiate. Think he got more wickets with bad balls than anyone in history

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satyanash89 View Post

    Filth - Botham. Batsmen just didnt know how to negotiate. Think he got more wickets with bad balls than anyone in history
    Andrew Hilditch - fell for it every single time

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