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Thread: George Bailey

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    George Bailey

    I have to admit I don't know a heap about Bailey, but the few times I've seen him bat in one-dayers, 20/20s or domestic cricket, I've been pretty impressed with his technique and poise. Only averages a tick over 40 in FC cricket, but seems to have the game to succeed at test level. Seems to be regarded highly as a leader as well.

    Would he be next cab off the rank post Ponting/Hussey? Is he capable of batting at 3, or is he more suited to the lower order?

    Also, seeing as he's still under 30, would likely be a better option for VC of the test side if he makes it, over the injury plagued robot.
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    More enamoured with Forrest at 3 in the Test side tbh. Haven't seen as much of Bailey as I'd like but there's something about Forrest's temperament that impresses me.

    Also backing Uzi to be a permanent member of the side this season.
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    Bailey's Life in pictures....

    The tough times...

    Word comes through of a potential IPL contract, so George examines his bank balance and talks to the bank manager to try and get his own place and then go travelling...

    Has his share of woman troubles...

    Argues with the selectors....

    Meets a new coach and mentor...

    Begins living the high life...

    Eventually settles down with a family and makes a go of his career...

    All in all....

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    Approaching his 9th season in Sheffield Shield cricket and has yet to have a truly breakout run of form. Has a touch of the Marcus North about him with his ability to convert starts into centuries, and yet fail with the bat in the following several innings.

    Looks good at the crease, one of the best captains in the country, excellent fielder, however not a batsman who will provide sustained excellence.

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    Without doubt the next cab off the rank. It would be mad to play him at 3 though considering he doesn't bat that high for Tassie. Ideally he'd be coming in at 5 or 6.

    I just like his composure at the crease and he has a good ability to punish the bad balls. Solid puller and driver.

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    As a fellow Tasmanian I'd love to see him get a run in the test side.

    Was a bit taken aback when he was picked in the T20i side basically as a specialist captain (certainly wasn't picked on batting form alone) but I get the feeling they are grooming him for bigger things. Would bring a long to the test side as somebody for Clarke to consult with, plus a quality batsman too. Definitely think he'd be more 4-6. Would love to see something like this for the 2014 Ashes (assuming Ponting and Hussey are no longer around);

    Marsh/Khawaja/Fergusson/other (whoever is in form at the time)

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    I think he's the perfect replacement for Hussey at 6 IMO.

    Good, busy batsman with a cricketing brain and good in the field.
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    The format where I have my doubts on Bailey is T20. I just can't quite see him being as successful there as in the longer forms.

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