I am writing on here to ask if anybody knows any team or club within the UK that would be willing to let my cricket team down to the cricket club for a cricket tour next season.

I was thinking possibly the May bank holiday weekend as it gives us time on the monday to recover! And to get back to Sunny Suffolk!*

We have an annual Tour at our cricket club on the August bank holiday *where two teams come down and it is very good fun, but now a lot of us are growing up (Ages range from 18-24) we want to go somewhere else!

A little bit about us*

There would be approximately 15 of us who would come down and we are very young and very lively! So possibly a team that goes to bed early and doesn't drink much may not want us to come down!*

The tour that we have goes on from
The Friday to the Monday of the bank holiday weekend in August and we tent up (All 3 teams) and play t20 games during the day and then have a good night in the clubhouse and where ever the night takes us! but we would be up for staying at a hotel or whatever !

If you could let us know if your team or any other team would be willing for this then please reply as we want to
Sort this out ASAP !

Thanks very much*

Nowton CC