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Thread: Grovel!

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    my aims are bigger than you think and I think I am not doing well enough


    Tense times- great cricket

    A great clip from fire in babylon - YouTube

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    It was the best part of the movie. Poor Greig!
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    East Indians were ill-treated by the blacks during those times.Fire in Harappa?.Hypocracy?Where is Kallicharan and Kanhai who more or less played in the same era?

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    This'll end well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doesitmatter View Post
    Fire in Harappa?
    "In 2009 he lost his old, faded India cap, when it was stolen from a ground. He was very, very upset about it. It was dear to him and he was extremely proud to wear it."

    Vijeeta Dravid on her husband Rahul, March 2012

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    I would have loved to see Barry Richards and Co vas this bowling and WI batting vs Procotr, Bijl, Roux and Kuiper.
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    Good interview with David Tossell (the author of the book "Grovel") during the interval in the 2nd ODI, btw. Might be on iPlayer I suppose.

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