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Thread: RIP Tom Maynard

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    RIP Tom Maynard

    Twitter saying that he has died in a car accident, aged 23.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    Twitter saying that he has died in a car accident, aged 23.
    Wow that's ****ed up, thoughts to his family and loved ones
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    Tragic news, thought he had the potential to be a pretty good limited overs batsman

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    wow like I might've never seen him bat but I've seen his name a few times in scorecards, and it's still gut-wrenching! terrible for somebody to die at the age of 23, let alone at all, very tragic

    two in a year, first runako now this :\

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    Terrible news. Too young, of course.

    Best wishes to his family.

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    Absolutely horrible news. Fantastic young limited overs batsman, so much potential. Thoughts go out to his family, friends and teammates.

    Was in a minor accident a couple of weeks ago, if memory serves.
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    he played a t20 just yesterday too which makes it even eerier

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    OMG such horrible news. He had so much potential as well, was around the England Lions team.

    So young as well.

    RIP, thoughts and wishes with his family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledger View Post
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    Such sad news, he was such a talented young guy.

    BBC news reporting that he was hit by a tube train so horrible I cant believe it

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakob1978 View Post
    Such sad news, he was such a talented young guy.

    BBC news reporting that he was hit by a tube train so horrible I cant believe it
    Yes, here's the article:

    BBC News - Cricketer Tom Maynard dies after being hit by London Underground train
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    Very sad news.

    Unusual accident, I wonder if we'll ever know the full details?

    Still, a very sad loss and my thoughts go out to his family. Much too young to die.

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    Terrible terrible news.

    Matt's son?


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    Horrible, horrible news. RIP.
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    Terrible news. RIP

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