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Thread: Trying to track down Oakfield CC

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    Trying to track down Oakfield CC

    Hello All,
    My first post so it could be in the wrong forum ! But here goes anyway.
    Have been turning out some stuff left me by my late father.
    I have found a silver trophy engraved "Oakfield CC Presented to John Ody for the first recorded century for the Club - 1935".
    Now the only "Oakfield CC" I can find is in Warwickshire which is certainly NOT his old club.
    He lived in west London pre-war and could have played anywhere within a reasonable travelling distance of there.
    Does anyone know of such a club ? Of course it may well not exist any more or has been merged with another club.
    I had in mind perhaps donating the trophy to Oakfield for their 'trophy room' or perhaps re- presenting to a current century maker.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Mike Ody

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    If you draw a blank here, this group might be able to help

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    The Oakfield CC you mention is in Rugby which, even pre-war, would have been accessible on the West Coast Main Line trains from London.

    Otherwise: Old Parkonians Cricket Club Location - playing at Oakfield in Ilford, East London
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