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Thread: Has DRS helped spinners the most?

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    I think during the Pakistan-England series the umpires did not give much benefit of the doubt to the batsmen, any borderline decisions they were more inclined to give it out and as the replays showed on several occasions the ball was clipping the stumps so they were technically correct, but I prefer such close calls to be given to the batsmen. More often than not they do tend to favour the batsman, I just think during that series the bowler was getting the benefit. Having said that I thought Bruce Oxenford especially was very impressive. - Cricket blog dedicated to domestic cricket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Debris View Post
    I would say the relaxation in the rules over throwing is what has helped spinners the most, finger spinners anyway.
    I like this guy.

    But, tbf, I'd say of one of the main beneficiaries of the recent UDRS/Hawkeye inspired umpire reboot has been Swann, who has a near classic offie's action.

    The relaxtion of the throwing law has undoubtedly helped some bowlers tho and it's disingenuous to pretend otherwise.

    What I do think has been shown is what a royal screw job spinners got in years gone by. Back in the day no umpire would give an LBW with the bat next to the pad in a forward defence, even if it was pad first. Nowadays they're a regular occurrance so batsmen will have to adapt.
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