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Thread: Bill Bowes - The Elland Express

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    Bill Bowes - The Elland Express

    Bill Bowes - The Elland Express

    Yorkshiremen in the 1930s believed, not without cause, that Don Bradman was Bill Bowes' bunny. In this feature Martin takes a look at the life and times of a man who was more than just a quick bowler.

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    Great article and exceptionally well researched. So much info in there that gives a lot of insight into who he was. Fantastic job.
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    A very worthy subject for a fertang bio () and the author doesn't disappoint.

    I may be confusing my cricketers, but I vaguely recall a story about Bowes's treasured journal being lost on a long train journey? A terrible waste if so.
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    Enjoyed reading that, great piece.
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    I wonder what the little bit of Bob Willis Hutton saw in Bowes? They were about the same height but you'd assume he would be comparing bowling methods. The likeness to Hadlee though appears accurate after reading about Bowes' bowling methods such as his pace off the pitch, accuracy, the surprise use of the bumper (this an evolutionary change in his bowling methods) and command of swing both ways.

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