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Thread: VVS Laxman - Truly Great or Truly Ordinary

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    Cliffs on OP?
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    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    Quote Originally Posted by benchmark00 View Post
    Cliffs on OP?
    Tendulkar, Kallis, Dravid and Ponting have been better than Laxman across their careers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    None of this please. You're free to post your articles up for discussion but if you're going to redirect anyone who has any comments back to that site you'll end up banned. If you want the author to see the comments then you link him here; not the other way around.

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    I think the opening post is kinda spurious really -- why would you compare Laxman with Tendulkar, Dravid, Ponting, Kallis etc. when their roles and functions are so different? Laxman has played the vast majority of his career batting at 5 or 6, none of the others have. So you wouldn't expect a direct comparison to work in the first place.

    The people you need to compare Laxman with are the likes of Waugh, Chanderpaul and Border, who played similar roles. In an Indian context, you'd need to look at Azharuddin.

    Even so, I guess you'd reach the same conclusion -- a tier below the greatest, but well above ordinary. I think a Laxman/Azharuddin comparison would be most interesting; I guess Azhar would come out ahead.

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    I came here to say neither only to find SS and SJS have beaten me to it.

    Laxman is a very good batsman..who often has misled people into thinking he is great because of his style, grace and the way he has saved India with his grit and determination in difficult situations when the bigger players were back in the pavilion.

    But he will always remain below the greats of his shame...still a very good player

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    I think he was a very good player capable of playing the great innings.
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    Laxman is what he is. A decent batsman who averages mid 40's. No one considers him to be one of the best batsmen of his era but he was still a valuable part of India's team for years.

    You can basically take any batsman's statistics and twist them so they look bad. It isn't that hard.

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    He doesnt quite fit into the definition of a true great, but there have been very few batsmen in history who have played as many incredible, back-to-wall match-winning knocks as him. He's definitely a special player, who didnt quite reach ATG heights coz of lack consistency

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post
    Tendulkar, Kallis, Dravid and Ponting have been better than Laxman across their careers.
    Lol exactly.
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    He's neither. A very good test batsman.

    Him failing at this stage of his career doesn't have much relevance, sportsmen deteriorate with age, shock horror.
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    Good test batsman who almost always delivered when the other batsmen failed.
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