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Thread: West Indian Batsmen

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    West Indian Batsmen

    An all-time comparison among the West Indian batsman. How do they rank for you?

    Top 10s.

    1. Gary Sobers
    2. George Headley
    3. Viv Richards
    4. Brian Lara
    5. Everton Weekes
    6. Shivnarine Chanderpaul
    7. Clive Lloyd
    8. Gordon Greenidge
    9. Frank Worrell
    10. Clyde Walcott
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    Coincidentally, I am also interested in a resolution to this issue.
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    Haha it's not what it looks like, honest.

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    Dont know what that means, but here goes.
    t1) George Headley
    t1) Garfueld Sobers
    t1) I.V.A. Richards
    t1) Brian Lara

    5)Everton Weekes
    6)Rohan Khanai
    7)Clyde Walcott
    8)Gordon Greenidge
    9)Frank Worrell
    10)Clive LLoyd

    Clyde Walcott is really under rated by some, by the guy scored 4 hundreds vs Lindwall and Miller and was by accounts a very good keeper, especially to spin, and even opened the bowling for the West Indies.
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    1. Headley
    2. Sobers
    3. Lara
    4. Weekes
    5. Richards
    6. Walcott
    7. Kanhai
    8. Lloyd
    9. Worrell
    10. Chanderpaul
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    No openers...?
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    Yes, that is a little surprising that Greenide was excluded.

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