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Thread: 5ives Cricket - Possible new 50-50 format

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    If you want to change anything, I much prefer M D Crowe's proposal (similar to his Cricket-Max) of splitting ODI's into 2 X 20 or 25 overs innings each side, much like a test match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GingerFurball View Post
    I'd have to see it in action before making a proper judgement on it, but my gut reaction is that it's far too gimmicky. It's basically a way of engineering a closer contest without any guarantees that it'll do so - what if the team batting first blasts 70 off their 5 overs and the team coming in 2nd slumps to 20/3?

    It's also based on the wrong headed notion that baseball sides stay closely matched at all times, which to me indicates a complete lack of appreciation for baseball.
    Indeed. One big inning often kills the contest in baseball.

    There's all sorts of ways of contriving things, you could argue you swap batting teams every x wickets. But I don't see how any of them improve things. What we need is more to do with the pitches and allowing the bowlers to actively influence the game instead of it being a batting exhibition.
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    Can they leave to the 50 over format alone? It is still a very exciting format for me. Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with it. Get rid of the stupid gimmicks around batting and bowling powerplays though. I am cool with mandatory first 15 overs of powerplay of the good ol' days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prince EWS View Post

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    Haha, Roebuck mentions the format in the first paragraph of his article today. Expect to hear about it all summer now. *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by zinzan12 View Post
    If you want to change anything, I much prefer M D Crowe's proposal (similar to his Cricket-Max) of splitting ODI's into 2 X 20 or 25 overs innings each side, much like a test match.
    That was recently tried in the Australian domestic competition and abandoned.

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