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Thread: sachin vs dravid ? whose better in test

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    sachin vs dravid ? whose better in test

    after dravid such a great performance england now i see many dravid fans are coming up and claiming that he is best test batsman records does not matter he plays more in critical situations etc etc...

    now why peaple only see present why peaple forget his performance before this series when he is strugling badly in last 4 years... in SA not even once he was able to score past 50...

    how can dravid be best with avg of just 41 and 33 against 2 best teams of his era aus and SA...sachin avg around 60 and 43 against these 2 teams...

    sachin has total 18 100s against aus and SA while dravid just 4 100s against aus and SA

    with such a struggle against these 2 best teams of his can he be best while on other hand sachin never struggle against any team and didnt have avg less then 40 against any team or in any country...

    why do peaple forget sachin played like a lone warrior for a decade... in 90s we use to say there is just one man in team if he is gone every thing is over....

    while dravid got far better team then what sachin got sachin for 1st 11 years didnt get any great batsman to support his while dravid got a team that is considered as best batting line up after 2001...

    before 2001 sehwag wasnt in team, laxman was nobody before that knock of 281 his avg was just 27 before that knock... dravid himself was just ohk batsman from 1996 to 2001...

    from 1990 to 2001 sachin avg 58 while no other batsman in that period is avg even 55 steve waugh and dravid is 2nd highest with 53 (remove zim his avg just 45) and even lara avg in that era was just 48... ponting just 46... kallis just 43...

    here is the link... had sachin played in after 1996 and as every batsman reach his peak after 3 or 4 years of his carrier + the kind of good team dravid got compare to sachin.... sachin would easily had the avg of around 60+ today and atleast 10 more 100s today....

    now as far as inngs in diffcult times is concerned ok lets put forward few sachin and dravid inngs that can be compared...

    1st dravid...

    his 180 and 233 vs aus...
    270 vs pak, 103 and 146 vs england recently these are the knocks i would say great and came in great time... or pressure u can say...

    but compare them to tendulkar's ohk lets see...

    119 vs eng saved almost lost test...

    114 vs aus at perth considered as one of the greatest inngs no other player able to cross 50...

    111 vs sa in 1992 in jonsburg no other indian player able to cross 25+...

    122 vs england no other player even able to cross 18 2nd highest was 18 in that inngs by manjerekar...

    177 vs england when india was 2-9 played a great knock with ganguly..

    155* vs in 3rd inngs vs aus ...

    169 vs SA when india was 58-5 laxman dravid gangully all back to pavilion greatest inngs on african soil according to donald...

    136 vs pak in 1999 in 4th inngis bring india to almost win situation from nowhere played with back injury and taking pain killers...

    113 at welling no other player able to cross 50... in 1998..

    116 vs aus in 1999 no other player able to cross even 31+ in this inngs....

    lols i can keep on puting... this was sachin 22nd century and i have put 10 centuries of his here this shows even 2nd century that he scored in 90s came in difficult period or pressure situation...

    now dravid fans pls put forward dravid inngs that can be said better then these or he played that much in difficult time

    point to be noted i took half of sachin carrier and showed more then double in difficult time or crises situation while i took whole dravid carrier and i found only these 4 or 5 knocks that be compared to these....

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    Always felt Dravid was underbowled. Great economy rate for such a long career.

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    Well, obviously the landscape has changed significantly in the fortnight or so since you made the exact same post in another thread (the only other post you've ever made on CW, as a matter of fact).

    See you in another two weeks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grecian View Post
    C'mon Man U.
    RIP Craigos

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sean View Post
    Well, obviously the landscape has changed significantly in the fortnight or so since you made the exact same post in another thread (the only other post you've ever made on CW, as a matter of fact).

    See you in another two weeks.
    Indeed. If anyone feels the need to discuss this topic (or to make a duplicate post about it), please go here.

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