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Thread: Match fixing or doping?

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    International Captain Migara's Avatar
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    It's better than doing both together
    Member of the Sanga fan club. (Ugh! it took me so long to become a real fan of his)

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    Quote Originally Posted by four_or_six View Post
    You're telling me that that would have the same impact on the output of the game, on Watson's subsequent performance, on Clarke's concentration levels, on team morale, as if Sachin pulls back because he has a fly in his eye and Watto has to run in again?!
    Imagine if Sachin was paid to pull out of his 17th delivery facing acting as a fly in his eye. Now how would that scenario compare with doping and match fixing?

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    Global Moderator vic_orthdox's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by zaremba View Post
    Sorry 4o6 but I have real difficulty with that. If you get a "wicket" with that ball, it's irrelevant. So far as taking a wicket is concerned, that ball is a non-event, a nullity, a nothingness, just as if the bowler had pulled out of his delivery stride.

    Another way of looking at it is that the bowler loses the chance of taking a wicket with that ball, but gains an exactly equal chance of getting a wicket with the 7th ball of his over which he wouldn't otherwise have bowled.
    What if instead of concentrating on bowling a foot over the crease, Amir took a wicket?

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    Cricketer Of The Year zaremba's Avatar
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    Quite right. But in that sense, the two things (the wasted no-ball and the additional 7th ball) simply cancel each other out.

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