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Thread: Scott Styris retires from international cricket

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    Scott Styris retires from international cricket

    New Zealand news: Scott Styris retires from international cricket | New Zealand Cricket News | ESPN Cricinfo

    Might be that someone has already posted on this, but Scott "Pig"/"The Virus"/"The walking cadaver" Styris has announced his retirement from international cricket. Big loss for the NZ ODI side but it was probably the right time for him to go. A tough cricketer and a great example of the "classic" New Zealander who made the most of his abilities and fashioned a highly succesful career.

    Whether it was his hilariously ugly appearance, his mystifyingly gorgeous wife or his strange habit of actually slowing down when running into bowl, discuss what you loved most about piggo and your fondest memories of him here.
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    That'll do Pig, that'll do.
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    420 BLAZE IT

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    What a hero.

    I'll need some time to put my feelings into words.

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    If I'm trying to chat up a girl who is obviously out of my league, I give myself confidence by thinking of Styris.

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    If I'm trying to chat up a girl who is obviously out of my league, I give myself confidence by thinking of Styris.
    Haha, that's brilliant.

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    Sad to see the Virus go. I think he would have been sure of an ODI place for another year, but fair enough if he wants to pack it in. Agree with Bahnz' description of his qualities. For a short period I would have called him the best test batsman in our side.

    Only disappointment is that he gave away test cricket way too early - some competition for middle-order places came through at the same time as a drop in form, so the selectors (correctly IMO) dropped him. Hindsight shows that 6-12 months later he would have been back in the side and probably stayed there. That hand injury came along at just the wrong time too, followed by some dumb selection omissions, so we were deprived of the Virus from the ODI side for too long. At least he had a decent swansong and goes out on a high.

    The person who will benefit most from this is Franklin, who once again will have a chance to secure a lower-middle-order ODI spot; without this I couldn't see him getting into the XI.

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    Will always be remembered for his fantastic World Cup record.

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    A great bloke and a good player. Loves his rum.
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    Kohli. Do something in test cricket for once please.


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    Here's one pig who's well earned his retirement mud. Sad to see him go though, real specialist ****-puller-outerer.
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    Thought for sure he'd hang around until at least the 20/20 world cup. In saying that however it was probably the right time to step aside, I wonder if he got a little nudge or was given a heads up?
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    No judging by John Wrights words some time after the World Cup

    He said he wanted Styris and Oram around for a little while longer

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    There goes my story about having played against a current black cap out the window.

    Well done for serving your country. International quality player.

    Would have been good enough to play for several other countries.
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    Probably the right time for him to retire from internationals - he'll be 39 by the next WC and I doubt he was ever planning to stick around that long. Bit of a shame he gave up test cricket in 2007, I still think he would've added value to the side in the proceeding years with the loss of Fleming and an inexperienced test batting line-up after his retirement.

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    never found him to be ugly tbh.... typical nz guy who punched above his weight as the cliche goes.

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    All hail the pigdog, he has oinked (and barked) his last. Fine player.

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