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Thread: Andy Roberts hitting it straight

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    Icon3 Andy Roberts hitting it straight

    I just came across this short video interview of the great Antiguan fast bowler. It was very refreshing to hear him after quite a while.

    Andy makes some very good points:

    a) Interestingly, he is quite welcoming of T20s if that gets Caribbean people back to the stadiums. That is quite different from what I expected a purist's viewpoint would be. Educational in a way, perhaps.

    b) He mentions that beating Australia in 1979-80 was the fondest memory of his career. While that was a great triumph, I expected the 1976 'grovel' series victory to be closer to Roberts' heart.

    c) He rates the best batsmen (clearly, after Viv) as Sunny, Ian Chappell, Greg and Vishy. The last one isn't a surprise given their epic encounters.

    Yet another former great who mentions Ian ahead of Greg. I've lost count now, but this one was a bit of a surprise to me. If you notice, Greg was mentioned almost as an afterthought.

    Lillee and Roberts clearly form a bit of a mutual admiration society as well. Either man has rated the other as the best fast bowler.

    Oh and "...the physical make-up of West Indian fast bowlers over the last five years. They are more suited towards being jockeys than fast bowlers."
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    Andy Zaltzman on Ravi Shastri: "A genuine dullness all-rounder. Scored and conceded runs at little more than 2 per over. If he could have bowled at himself, cricket would have died."

    Need a laugh?

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    After the way the WIndies were humiliated in Australia in 75/76 I'm not surprised his fondest memory was going back there next time and turning the tables - it must have been satisfying to put Tony Greig in his place but for different reasons

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    While he's right about the statures of the WI pacers changing, it's obviously beyond their control and I don't think he was right to criticise them by saying 'fast bowling is a lot of hard work' and that they weren't up to it.

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    Munaf is now spinning the ball!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Austerlitz View Post
    Munaf is now spinning the ball!
    Always bowls better when he tosses it up above the batsmen's eyeline.

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