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Thread: No Lord's Test for the Windies in 2012

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    I was working in Cardiff during the SL test match and came across very few people who even knew it was going on in their city. Those who did were very negative about it.. Cricket culturally is seen as an English game and more was said about the rugby match against the Barbarians.. Apparently the vast majority of spectators travelled from the south of England anyway, begging the question as to why it wasn't there in the first place..

    Unless Cardiff is offering something which the remianing stadia do not, then why do they have the right to host these matches? Poor crowds when anyone apart from Australia play should signal a move back up to Headingley and Old Trafford, but I bet it won't..

    As for the West Indies, they don't have a divine right to play at Lord's, but I think Lord's does a good enough job to have a divine right to host..
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    Sorry to resurrect this thread but the Cardiff test has just been put back out to tender. As Glamorgan have failed to pay their bills for the Sri Lanka test.

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    I went to Cardiff for Day 1 of this year's test, and despite the dreadful weather and poor turnout I did enjoy it. When you've got other grounds that sell a heck of a lot more tickets though then cardiff doesn't deserve a test match, and that's a pretty damaging loss from the test match. Interesting to note that they've practically sold out the India ODI, maybe they should primarily be a one day venue for the time being?

    I don't know whether unfair is the right word, but I think it is a bit unfair that 50% of the test matches will be played in London, when there's plenty of other fanatstic stadiums out there. I might be wrong but don't the ECB encourage teams to spend all this money on developing their stadiums to host international cricket?

    Anyway, I wanted to ask if the venues for the hectic summer next year have been announced?
    The 3 tests, 3 ODIs and T20 vs West Indies, the 5 ODIs vs Australia and the 3 Tests, 5 ODIs and 3 T20s vs South Africa?

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    I looked at our schedule for the next 8 years today. Oz here in 2013 and 2015, India here 2014, 2016 and 2018, one or two of those India series is five Tests

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    No biggie, Lord's is ****.

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    Can't say I'm unhappy Cardiff looks like it'll miss out.

    For all the talk about England representing England and Wales, I don't think the Leekists have entirely clutched the English test side unto their bosom.

    & that's aside from the ****ing rain and the docile wickets.
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    The locals actually sing 'We are the Wales' when singing the Barmy Army song

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    I assumed that was just English people being silly.
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