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Thread: Chappell advises Hussey to retire

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    the guy's trash bro
    hahahaha amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by vic_orthdox View Post
    I'll happily put my hand up - not that I knew intimately Mike Hussey's problem - in saying that I thought that there would be no chance in him being properly ready for the WC. I won't be able to watch the Shield game, but the recovery program must've been meticulous in letting him be able to get himself right by this time. Either his injury was massively overstated, or he should be given the upmost credit because his rehab is beyond belief, from what was first reported.
    Hussey had been walking without the help of crutches, which I believe is damn hard thing to do after an operation of this sort and he had been doing a lot of hardwork to ensure he reached full fitness levels for the worldcup, so it doesn't really surprise me that he has made such speedy recovery.

    The selectors should have taken his word when he said he would be fit be for the worldcup but that's all a thing of the past now, the more annoying thing is Chappell telling him to quit which is absurd tbh.

    Hussey is probably the only player from the older lot who actually deserves his place on merit, the rest are pretty much clinging to their spots due to achievements from the past, there is nothing wrong in blooding young players as long as you are picking the right blokes but obviously that hasn't been happening either.

    I think Chappell is an absolute idiot he just doesn't understand the importance of balancing a side with youth and experience, surely if he had his way he would hand all the Australian U-19's a baggy green cap and push them into the deep end.

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    Chappell has stated that he didn't say Hussey should retire.

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    Ha ha...

    This person once replaced Saurav Ganguly by Venugopal Ikki has a good chance I suppose...
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    fmd, the guy is light years ahead of so many people in the game he should play until he's dead and even then, embalmed and propped up bits of wood, he'd still put in his best.
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