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Thread: Before the Lights Went Out : The 1912 Triangular Tournament

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    Before the Lights Went Out : The 1912 Triangular Tournament

    Before the Lights Went Out : The 1912 Triangular Tournament

    As the 10th World Cup begins we have an extract from a new book dealing with what some might argue was the first ever World Cup, back in 1912. The extract explains how, in around a decade, South Africa went from being the poor relation of Test cricket to a side capable of competing with England and Australia on level terms. Sadly they went backwards in 1912, but you'll have to shell out your hard earned on the book to learn more about that

    The three captains, South Africa's Frank Mitchell, CB Fry of England and Australia's Syd Gregory.
    We are grateful to author Patrick Ferriday for permission to reproduce this image, which is part of the Roger Mann Collection
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