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Thread: This is cricket - 1st Class cricket !!

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    This is cricket - 1st Class cricket !!

    As I write, The scores between England's tour game with Victoria stand as under (at 4pm on the 3rd day of the 3-day game)

    Victoria (1st inns)216 for 2 in 74 overs (at 2.91 runs/over)

    England (1st Inns) 184 for 2 decl in 45 overs at 4.1 per over

    Victoria (2nd inns) 278 for 6 decl in 60 overs at 4.63 per over. Clint McCay scoring 57 no in 27 balls to set up the declaration.

    England 2nd inns need 162 with 4 wickets in hand
    - 149 for 6
    - 31.2 overs
    - scored at 4.63 runs per over.
    - Last partnership 21 runs in 3.3 overs

    This is cricket. First class cricket fully deserving of that epithet. Played with the paying public in mind with both teams making a concerted effort to provide the spectator with a match that keeps his interest alive, not the mindless tour games that result in nothing but empty stands around the world.

    Anyone who justifies the zillions of runs scored in tour games (or even other first class games) with barely two innings completed in a rain (even if unaffected by weather) deserves the 3rd class cricket that goes masquerading as 1st class.

    The ICC, the cricket boards around the world need to be looking at how to bring the 1st class game up to speed, bring the spectators back to those games and for this playing five over games (eventually) or getting girls in g-strings to gyrate to deafening music is not the answer as Mr Modi and his ilk will have us believe and the gullible amongst us will swallow.

    It is cricket that is not pointless that will eventually start the revival of the first class game and that will bring back the paying public that will once again appreciate the nuances of the longer version of the game leading to the supremacy of test cricket being left completely restored.
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    No, Strauss bowling pies and giving away at 12.5 willingly to just create some sort of a match situation is definitely not cricket. I'd prefer a well contested draw to such a farcical result match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bun View Post
    No, Strauss bowling pies and giving away at 12.5 willingly to just create some sort of a match situation is definitely not cricket. I'd prefer a well contested draw to such a farcical result match.
    Disagree. Although I was only following on cricinfo I still felt a frisson when we were in danger of going down to Vic that would've been absent had we (or Vic) chosen to bat for a day and a half to kill any chance of a positive outcome.

    Yes, there's a slight contrivance about the match situation (which ended as a draw anyway), but arguably any limited overs game is a contrivance based on the original form of cricket anyway.

    I'm personally glad we've opted for actual first class fixtures with players averages at stake rather than the XIV a side beer n skittles jobbies Fletcher seemed to be so fond of.
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