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Thread: New way to sledge ... on Twitter

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    New way to sledge ... on Twitter

    Everyone loves a good bit of sledging, and ahead of the Ashes - and in keeping with professional cricket players’ love of Twitter - there is now a Twitter page (recommended by Jonathan Agnew) that you can follow/use to unleash all your best banter over the next few months...

    On Twitter, people do Meet up’s called Tweet-Up’s and People are called Tweeple etc etc. Well, now Sledging is called Twedging; a place where you can specifically use your Twitter account to sledge (or now Twedge) each other, players and anything cricket related...

    Follow @OriginalTwedger and either:

    • In the ‘Mention’ function, use @OriginalTwedger in your twedge;
    • Re-Tweet your comment using @OriginalTwedger; or
    • Include hashtags: #twedge, #twedging, #twedged etc in your comment.

    And they will be picked up and displayed on the @OriginalTwedger Twitter page, ready for people to banter back and forth...

    The Art of Twedging (OriginalTwedger) on Twitter

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    Yeah... I'm just going to use this as my excuse for abusing cricketers. Jake Howe (Howe_zat) on Twitter
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