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Thread: This obsession with how batsmen would do against all-time great dream lineups...

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie View Post
    Ha, lovely. Well just like the boring lecturer, once the facts stick with the class & you go out & pass the exam. I would have done my job.
    Yes but the difference between you and the lecturer is you don't get paid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie View Post
    Indeed. Which is one of the reasons although the 70s & 80s had its solid share of bowler friendly decks. Flat decks where around, thus who have called Lillee a greenttop bully, prentending that no flat decks where present in AUS, WI & ENG tests are way off the mark.
    Would you mind explaining the usage of the word in that sentence ? Is this a new trend or some sort of Shakespearean usage that is making a come back ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TumTum View Post
    Yes but the difference between you and the lecturer is the lecturer is correct.
    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    Jeets doesn't really deserve to be bowling.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
    in the future where we're all social justice-y Cribb can ride down the street to pick up some raw milk from Coles on a motorised esky while smoking meth, firing an RPG into the air, and carrying the case of British-import Stella he's polygamously (and privately) married alongside a genderfluid Zambian businessperson and a coke-snorting 18-year-old cyborg girl.
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