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Thread: ICC Associate Player of the Year.

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    ICC Associate Player of the Year.

    On which Basis was Ryen ten Doeschate Named as Associate Player of the Year? He has barely played for Netherlands! Or playing county cricket the same as associate cricketer?

    Ryen did not Play the odi series against Ireland, He did not Played Icc divison one for Associate teams, He barely Played in the Intercontinental cup etc.

    Why don't give it to someone who deserve it more and who actually plays for a associate team?

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    Hamid Hassan came to my mind if not RtD
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    He's definitely been a drawcard and promoter of Associate cricket so i think it's good he won.

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    Eoin Morgan was my pick for the award - sorry whats that? Hold the press...

    On a more serious note, ten Doeschate's performances for Netherlands in the last 12 months were impressive and IMO he fully deserves the award:
    ODI vs Afghanistan: 58(89), 4/35 (9.5)
    ODI vs Afghanistan: 98*(133), 0/46 (7)
    T20 vs Canada: 1/30 (4), 17(14)
    T20 vs UAE: 0(3), 1/29 (3)
    T20 vs Kenya: 0/27 (4), 21*(15)
    T20 vs Afghanistan: 1/15 (2), 24*(20)
    T20 vs Ireland: 1/25 (4), 32(20)
    ODI vs Kenya: 109*(121), 1/36 (7)
    ODI vs Kenya: 9(15), 1/13 (5)
    FC vs Kenya: 212*, 5/104, 29, 2/70
    ODI vs Scotland: 2/38 (10), 90(101)

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