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Thread: New Zealand rookies

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    New Zealand rookies

    I've decided to change my view on several young players in NZ:

    * Peter Fulton - as soon as I saw him bat, I knew he was the exact replica of Mark Waugh Whether he has the ability to score the runs like M.Waugh does is another matter.

    * Michael Papps - I first thought that he was too in-consistent, but he scored another big century the other day to prove me wrong. Can also wicket-keep, so he may eventually end up challenging McCullum for the gloves.

    * Tim McIntosh -opening bat who can score huge centuries like Richardson & Sinclair, but like Sinclair is far too inconsistent at this stage to be considered for international duty.

    * Rob Nicol - played for the NZ U19's this year & has already proved that he could be NZ's next Harris, two centuries & 12 wickets as an off-spinner in 4 first class matches. Has probably proved to the selectors that McCullum was better off playing first class rather than internationals.

    * Wade Cornelius - Pretty lively fast medium bowler who has taken a truck load of wickets this season, something like 35 at an avg of 24 & a strike rate of 50.

    * Gareth Shaw - about the same speed as Franklin or Drum, has taken 14 wickets at an avg of 16 and a strike-rate of 33.

    * Jordan Sheed - played for the NZ U19's this season and has scored some good runs for Otago at first class level.

    Then there's Oram, Adams, Mills & Franklin who have played Intl cricket but are still pretty young.

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    What's Butler like in your domestic leagues?
    There's only one Darren Gough!

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    i would put Michael Bates in there two. A good friend of mine and was in the under 19's taking the first 4 wickets in the first match.

    i faced him once, he was injured and bowling from where the ump was standing and first ball smack in the leg and i had a bruise within minutes the size of a soccer ball!! extremely fast man and was voted top in Auckland for the Aucklands pace bowling academy
    well, wat can i say. I'm perfect!

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    james marchell should be picked

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    Who the ****?
    That was our response... he played about 3 first class games performing poorly before getting called up. He couldn't make it into the starting 11 for Northern Districts!
    But I think he should be permanent 12th, its good to see a guy called Butler carrying the drinks.

    Jordan Sheed definitely looks a good player.
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