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Thread: Next years Cricket in England - What games?

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    Next years Cricket in England - What games?

    With the 2010 cricket season over, obviously attention turns to the Ashes and then the World Cup in India/Sri Lanka, but after that England return to home shores to play Sri Lanka and India. What games are folks going to look at going to?

    I did Trent Bridge for the first time last year (England vs Bangladesh ODI), and loved the ground, made a little mini-holiday of it, what with the game being a day-nighter, so I'm almost certainly going to get tickets for the Sri Lankan ODI, another floodit ODI at Trent Bridge. The Twenty20 against India at Old Trafford also looks very enticing, and to round things off I'll probably take in a day of a Test Match vs India, either Edgaston or Trent Bridge

    The only problem is that may be a bit pricey, with cricket prices nowadays, but still that' what I'll try and do

    Anyone a regular at county cricket? Or even going to follow England around the country?

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    Haven't given it much thought yet tbh, I'm all 'cricketed out' after a season of almost six months, but will have to make a decision in the New Year whether to renew my Surrey membership. Never remotely got VFM last season (not least because they tended to lose in three days), having a Sky subscription has something to do with that. More than once I was faced with the choice of making the 90-minute trip to the Oval, or watching England on TV, and went for the easier option. May have to wait to see what they're doing with the shifts at work. But hoping to get a day at the Oval Test.

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    Im considering going to test match @ Headingley or London (vs India mainly), since Old Trafford will not be getting much tests in the future i fear.

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