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Thread: Sidebottom retires from England duty.

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    Cricketer Of The Year four_or_six's Avatar
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    Sidebottom retires from England duty.

    BBC Sport - Cricket - Ryan Sidebottom retires from England international duty

    Will miss him in the T20s imo.

    Incredible second coming he had. Bet he can't quite believe his luck.

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    Cricketer Of The Year four_or_six's Avatar
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    Feb 2007
    C'mon guys... your favourite Sidey moments?

    For me, will always remember his red-faced madman scream when Monty let a ball through for four off his bowling.

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    Boring and predictable but for me his hat trick against New Zealand.

    For the whole series he was all over them and thoroughly deserved it.

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    International Vice-Captain Noble One's Avatar
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    Always a shame when we lose an interesting character from the game. Sidey was a serviceable bowler, but always worth watching for his antics.

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    Eyes not spreadsheets marc71178's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by four_or_six View Post
    C'mon guys... your favourite Sidey moments?
    BBC Sport - Cricket - Ryan Sidebottom retires from England international duty for me
    marc71178 - President and founding member of AAAS - we don't only appreciate when he does well, but also when he's not quite so good!

    Anyone want to join the Society?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noble One View Post
    Sidey was a serviceable bowler
    Better than that, IMO. There was a period (a brief one, admittedly) in which he was a very good bowler. Unfortunately for us, it coincided with the NZ tour.

    But yes, a great character and seemed to be a nice bloke as well.

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    Gone too soon
    Was good to see an honest county pro able to make a go of things at the highest level, however briefly. He managed to add a couple of yards to become a threat in tests, but unfortunately the extra exertions seemed to do horrible things to his back.

    Two statistical related quiddities:

    1) He took 41/79 test wickets versus NZ despite playing only 6/22 tests against them. Must be one of the highest ratios in the modern era for bowlers who played more than a handful of tests

    2) His retirement means England has still never had a left arm seam up bowler with 100 scalps.
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    Cricket Web Staff Member fredfertang's Avatar
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    He can retire safe in the knowledge he was a better cricketer than his Dad - which is more than I achieved

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    not far away from you
    Cant say Im not more than a little bit surprised about this decision. Thought Sidebottom was still an invaluable part of our t20 outfit and I think when fit he was a useful ODI bowler as well.

    Think his stock may have dropped a fair bit off late when people figured out his limitations as a bowler. However,his years of county expertise certainly saved our asses from serious embarassment in NZ when we were fielding quite possibly our worst team this past decade.
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