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Thread: Cricketers who have had a lasting impact on how the game is played.

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    Cricketers who have had a lasting impact on how the game is played.

    Reading one of the other threads, I was thinking about players who have had a lasting impact on how the game is played today. Two that spring to mind are Jayasuria, since hard hitting openers are now a must in LO cricket, and Gilchrist who has set a different expectation for wicket-keepers in terms of batting.

    But really, I was trying to think of more quirky examples, maybe players who aren't that famous, or players who have had an impact by mistake. Ideas anyone?

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    Gilchrist for his approach......And Hayden also....Well their are many others.....Their impact is sooo less we cant even recognize it.....

    And under arm incident made bowler's to bowl upper arm.....Big impact you know....ICC have made new set of rule's after that incident.......
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    Two first examples I thought of were:

    Bernard Bosanquet, progenator of the googly (or "The Bosie" as Richie always called it, after its creator). Bowled fewer than 1000 balls in tests, but def changed wrist spin forever.

    Mark Greatbatch, averaged a tick over 30 in tests but was the first player to really make a go of "pinch hitting" in ODIs. Seems incredible it was only 18 years ago.
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    Mark Greatbatch, Jonty Rhodes.

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    Above you

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    Mark Greatbatch Kris Srikkanth imo
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    Douglas Jardine

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    Waugh and Border, for sure.
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    It is a far far better place ............ etc etc
    WG's brother Edward Mills Grace - until he ignored convention and started playing the pull shot it was considered unsporting to play the ball with anything other than a straight bat

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    Sarfraz Nawaz.

    Saqlain Mushtaq?

    EDIT: Micheal Bevan had a big impact on ODI play.
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    let me remember

    Ok first one,
    Miandad jumping lyk a chimp in a match against india.
    Hilarious , great foster ad.

    Second one,
    Watching brett lee bowl.

    Last one,
    England winning ashes-2005. First in front my eye.
    Thankyou cricket.
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    Andy Flower. He was a great WK, I think 2nd only to Gilchrist, and I also think he's going to turn out to be a gem of a coach. Also in terms of having a lasting impact on a single country's cricketing passion/influence, I think Shakib Al Hasan is going to do some marvelous things in his career for the state of cricket in Bangladesh. I have an odd feeling that 20 years from now, after he's retired, we'll be talking about how far they've come and how much Shakib has been such a positive influence for them. He's gonna be a true Bangladeshi Cricket Rolemodel. Those who I see in today's game as changing the sport. Of course besides the obvious legends I can't say who since I haven't been into cricket long enough.

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    Imran Khan's bowling brought a great deal to fast bowling imo. From reverse swinging pacey bowls to what Akram and Waqar went on become based on those bowling techniques of raw pace and swing. England won Ashes where reverse swing played a big role as all in all i think starting from Sarfraz but Imran really put the theory in to practicality and made it look so good that youngsters wanted to be like him...

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    Certainly not Bradman. Nobody was good enough to copy him, to an extent also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fredfertang View Post
    WG's brother Edward Mills Grace - until he ignored convention and started playing the pull shot it was considered unsporting to play the ball with anything other than a straight bat
    Funny, I read only today of how he once pulled a ball from outside off stump, and when the aggrieved bowler called out, "hey, that's not cricket!" he replied "it may not be cricket, but it's four runs."

    I'd also mention Ranjitsinjhi for supposedly being the first to master the leg glance, and Compton for helping to popularise the sweep.

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