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Thread: ***Official*** Spot-Fixing Scandal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil Pickup View Post
    The Sky Sports News Breaking News ticker contains the following stories:
    * News of the World claim Pakistan batsman Yasir Hammed declined 100,000 from bookmaker to influence outcome of a game
    * News of the World also claim a fourth Pakistan player under investigation by ICC for alleged match fixing
    Post Edited - let's wait for names to be announced before we tread on the dodgy grounds of guesswork...

    Another clear example of terrible use of power...whats wrong with guessing the 4th player....seriously feel like being marginalized here.
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    Yasir Hameed is going on every Pakistani channel and denying that he gave any such statements to NOTW. It seems to me that Yasir probably unknowingly gave these statements to someone he didn't think was a reporter. Now that **** has hit the fan, he's in full panic mode and trying to distance.

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    NotW confirming the news about marked money being found in Salman Butt's hotel room. Apparently "between 10,000 and 15,000"
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    BBC : Kamran Akmal is 4th player, NOTW has video proof of meeting with Yasir.

    The News of the World also claimed that batsmen Yasir Hameed spoke to the newspaper about other Pakistani cricketers' involvement in match-fixing.

    However, Hameed denies speaking to the tabloid, though the News of the World paper has promised to published a video interview with the Pakistan batsman on Sunday.

    The BBC understands that wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal has been contacted by the ICC and asked for information, though this is not in relation to the recent fourth Test at Lord's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fusion View Post
    Yasir Hameed is going on every Pakistani channel and denying that he gave any such statements to NOTW. It seems to me that Yasir probably unknowingly gave these statements to someone he didn't think was a reporter. Now that **** has hit the fan, he's in full panic mode and trying to distance.
    Sky news reporting that the NOTW has Yasir on video.

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    Pakistani star Yasir Hameed blows lid off cricket corruption

    INSIGHT: Yasir Hameed claims bent teammates were fixing 'almost every match'

    A PAKISTAN cricketer who played in the rigged Lord's Test has sensationally confirmed that there WERE cheats in his team.

    Respected opening batsman Yasir Hameed claims bent teammates were fixing "almost every match".

    And he provided a devastating insight into the shady world of betting scams, telling how he:

    * REFUSED bribes of up to 150,000 from a corrupt bookmaker to throw matches.
    * LOST his own place in the squad and saw his career damaged as a result.
    * WATCHED as crooked colleagues splashed out on plush properties and expensive sports cars funded by their illicit activities.
    * LEARNED that shameless players pocketed an astonishing 1.8million for rigging a Test match against Australia earlier this year.

    Hameed, once rated amongst the world's finest batsmen, said of his scandal-struck colleagues: "They've been caught. Only the ones that get caught are branded crooks.

    "They were doing it (fixing) in almost every match. God knows what they were up to. Scotland Yard was after them for ages.

    "It makes me angry because I'm playing my best and they are trying to lose."

    And, predicting the likely fate of the players exposed by the News of the World, Hameed added darkly: "The guys that have got done have got themselves killed.

    "They're gone - forget about them."

    Hameed's remarks will heap pressure on the ICC investigation and the preposterous defence thrown up last week by shamed Pakistan skipper Salman Butt, bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir and their Pakistan Cricket Board bosses.

    Sipping white wine in a Nottingham hotel just two days after our revelations sparked a worldwide sensation, Hameed, 32, described how he became a victim of betting cartels' vengeance for refusing to fix games.

    "It's because of all these wrong things that I was outed, because I wouldn't get involved," he told our undercover reporter.

    "If you sat here and said, 'I'm a bookie and I want you to fix the match tomorrow' - I've met lots of people like that in the past and I refused. They offered me handsome money.

    "I could have come to see you in a Ferrari. They give you so much money that you can live out your dreams, buy a flash car.

    "I've been offered huge amounts of money, up to 150,000."

    "I wouldn't get involved. That's why I was out of the team for two years - two years! Now God has punished them. I played in the (Lord's) match. Even though I flopped, these guys have been caught out.

    "Just look at my average. It's 38, 39 (runs scored per innings). Which player in the world has that average and is dropped?

    "If I was playing for any other country, what would I be now? I'd be the team captain."

    Hameed's record supports his case. He had a sensational start to his international career in 2003, scoring 170 runs in his first innings and another 105 in the second, against Bangladesh.

    In his first 30 One Day Inter- nationals, he scored more runs than any other batsman. Yet despite that he has bounced in and out of the national team.

    "The truth is I've never sold a match for Pakistan. I've always got by on legitimate money. I come from a middle-class hard-working family," he said. Hameed detailed how the lure of riches had led some of his comparatively poorly paid teammates to fall for the lure of match-fixers.

    By contrast with the limited fees of around 2,000 a match, Hameed said the potential rewards for rigging games were huge.

    Detailing the crooked price list of the match-fixers, he said: "The 150,000 (paid to Majeed) was just (a deposit) to show what would happen on this ball, what would happen on the other ball.

    "In the future, imagine how much money they would have made. Imagine how many pounds they would have made!

    RESPECTED: 'I've been offered 150k but I wouldn't get involved. Now God has punished them,' says Yasir Hameed

    "He (Majeed) pays the players whatever the rate is. I think they get 20,000 or 25,000 for no balls. God knows what was the deal, I didn't ask."

    Hameed asked why Asif - one of three players at the centre of the scandal who was last week suspended by the ICC - had been able to amass a big property portfolio.

    "I'm having a house built and it's stopped halfway," said Hameed. "I'm building it from legitimate money and work has stopped.

    "Asif - how many matches has he played and how many have I played? I've played 80 matches and he's played around 50. He has four mansions. Where did they come from?

    "He (Asif) has just built a house in Italian style in Lahore. You go there and you will think you are in Italy - that's how good his house is."

    Hameed also dramatically claimed that another game had been thrown. Talking about fixed matches, he said: "The ICC Champion Trophy, Rose Bowl, we lost a match against West Indies, do you remember?" That was a semi-final game in 2004 at The Rose Bowl in Southampton.

    The West Indies won the match by seven wickets despite posting just 132 runs. Pakistan capitulated to 131 all out.

    The ICC's anti-corruption team may well now add the match to another they are investigating - January's farcical Test Match between Pakistan and Australia in Sydney.

    Last week, we revealed how gloating Majeed bragged to our undercover team how they fixed the result.

    "We let them (Australia) get up to 150 in the morning, and then everyone lost their wickets. That one we made 1.3 (million)."

    Amazingly, Hameed claims Majeed underestimated the cash netted in the scam. He told us: "In the Sydney Test Match they made 1.8million - they gave away the match. I don't know how the money was divided up."

    Of some agents who swarm around players, Hameed angrily told us: "There are agents but they are bastard bookies basically."

    Turning to Mr Fix-it Mazhar Majeed - the lynchpin of the Lords scandal - Hameed spoke of his relief that he had given the crooked agent a wide berth.

    "He had seven players. He didn't make me an offer and I didn't want to take a chance. I know what was going on."

    But Hameed remains curiously loyal to shamed skipper Butt.

    "He's a nice guy basically," he said. "I don't know why he's gone like this because of money."

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    lol..what rubbish journalisam

    all he says the reports are that all the matches are fixed, only God knows whats the truth.

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    Shocking video that.... Hopefully he'll give some evidence against these guys so cheats like Asif, Aamir and Salam Butt et al can be banned for life.

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    Imran Khan's take on the issue.

    - Obviously the players are still innocent until proven guilty.
    - But the evidence is very convincing and it appears that their is guilt.
    - Very unlikely that in UK that the NOTW is conspiring against the team. The UK laws ensure that if the NOTW were acting maliciously they could possibly be shut down - so it appears they have done their homework.
    - We should withhold our judgment until the verdict comes out instead of making conspiracies that it is RAW or BCCI, etc.
    - The ambassador is making a joke of himself saying that it is a conspiracy because if later it is proved not so, it looks even worse as it then shows that he was protecting criminals.
    - [In response to why Haroon Lorgat suspended the players] Generally in the civilised world when charges are labelled against anyone they step down until their name is cleared. Unfortunately in our society when charges are laid you can still lead the country while the investigation continues.
    - I make dua that this is proven wrong as all Pakistanis do as the consequences for Pakistani cricket are very damaging. Not only are those accused big match-winners for Pakistan, but if they are found guilty it will tarnish the entire team and cast a bad eye on all players. Everytime Pak loses the public will think it may have been thrown. Pakistanis will lose interest in cricket.
    - I was never approached, but I remember hearing about players being bought. Aparently they only approached players who were known to gamble. I never beleived it as I was never approached.
    - I blame the PCB. When 1993 there were allegations I told the PCB that harsh punishments were needed so that in future players thought twice before dwelling in these things. But we had won a World Cup then. Maybe they were worried about their jobs and that the team would prove unsuccessful if we banned our best players. Because cricket in Pakistan is run on an ad-hoc basis the board is always looking out for itself.
    - ICC has just suspended the players until they can clear their names.
    - Justice Qayyum's report really hurt us because he showed that their was evidence but our board did not take any action.
    - Cricket is a reflection of our general society in how we have treated criminals. Just look at our nation today, we have criminals in important roles.
    - I beleive spot-fixing is very hard to catch, and there will be doubts that maybe it is widespread all over the world and not just restricted to the Pakistanis who have been caught. This may just be the tip of the iceberg, but how will they catch others?
    - There is some racism in England. In 92 when Wasim and Waqar were getting wickets, they ran a huge campaign of ball tampering. I was no longer playing but I spoke out and thats when I was involved in the court case with Botham. The jury was English, the judge was English and Botham was an English hero - but still I won. So the system is fair. Yes there is an element of racism but it not to an extent that Pakistan is being unfairly targetted. This same NOTW are the same who caught Prince Andrews wife in another sting operation and also with a rugby player. So they are not out just against Pakistan.
    - While there may not be evidence of betting, there could be allegations of fraud. They only need to prove that the players have accepted money to bowl no-balls. If this is proved then the players will be banned by the ICC for a significant period.
    - Personally match-fixing deserves a life ban and spot-fixing deserves a lesser ban. If they can prove the Sydney Test match was fixed then it should be a life ban for those involved.
    - In the end the leadership sets the example. Until the day that we decide that we will tell good from bad, until we agree to fight against crime, we agree to punish criminals instead of giving them important posts. If we don't then do not blame the players alone for wanting to try and earn some extra money.
    - PCB needs a complete restructure. It cannot be elected from the President, it needs to be an elected body like it is everywhere else in the world. Cricket cannot continue on an ad-hoc basis. Someone like Mohammad Amir who is the greatest talent in the world at the moment is going to get destroyed by the system - Pakistan can only produce such talent. And if we can fix our cricketing structure, no one can beat us.

    .................................................. .................................................. .....

    There is some political point scoring in this but i do agree with the general gist of what he's tying to say.

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    This is journalism of the lowest order. I really feel for Hameed, to record general conversations like this, and the amount of copies the newspaper will sell tom, Hameed should definitely sue them. Poor guy had to go around news channels denying it, coulda waited a few hours, the video isnt a bad reflection on him at all.

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    Yasir Hameed must worry about match fixing a lot because his stats are dire.
    Direbirds FTW!
    Quote Originally Posted by Spark View Post
    420 BLAZE IT

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohammad16 View Post
    This is journalism of the lowest order. I really feel for Hameed, to record general conversations like this, and the amount of copies the newspaper will sell tom, Hameed should definitely sue them. Poor guy had to go around news channels denying it, coulda waited a few hours, the video isnt a bad reflection on him at all.
    Apart from his average mysteriously growing by three or four runs.

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    With everything that's going on,why would he start gobbing off the way he has,without thinking someone is either going to be listening,recording or filming me. He should know that newspapers are going after a story and are going to be asking questions to anyone around the Pakistani team.If he didn't want any of this out their in the public domain he should of kept his mouth shut. If he did know what he says he knows why hasn't he come forward and reported said matters to the right authorities.

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