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  • Kevin Pietersen

    13 20.00%
  • Micheal Clarke

    25 38.46%
  • Gautam Gambhir

    0 0%
  • AB DeVilliers

    6 9.23%
  • Micheal Hussey

    14 21.54%
  • DingDong

    7 10.77%
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Thread: Best Test Batsman who started his career in the Mid 00s.

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    Seriously difficult poll, considered all five options tbh.

    I don't think De Villiers or Gambhir have really done enough yet, but I rate both very highly and expect at least one of them to be looked back on as genuinely top-class. KP seems to be going the wrong way at the moment and I'm reluctant to pick Hussey or Clarke because they've been formed the basis of a horrifically fragile Australian middle order over the past couple of years.

    In the end I went for Hussey. Tough, tough poll though. It'll be interesting to see which candidates fall away and which pull ahead of the pack over the next few years.

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    Missed Watto in the poll.
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    That's seriously tough.

    Clarke - I think is actually on the improve and will keep building on this career, but in the main, has been in a good batting line up and team
    Pietersen - Has been losing form a touch for a while, but when he came on the scene he was something very special.
    Hussey - a phenomenal start, considering he has been moved up and down the order, but his numbers have come back to mere mortal numbers
    Gambhir - Came in when India didn't have a settled opening combo. Gets to bat with Sehwag, so a lot of pressure is off him, and he is in a great batting line up.
    De Villiers - Solid batsman in a good team for the last few years.

    Hmmmm... I think Clarke will end up with the best numbers, so I'll vote for him. But chuck in another opener, and that's a seriously good top 6.

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    AB for me...
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    Voted for whom I think would be the best among these guys, not on who IS currently.. Hence ABDV...
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    Don't really rate Gambhir in the same category as Clarke/Pietersen/ABdeV. Nor does anyone else based on the poll.

    Hussey - that entirely depends on what 'best' means. For two-three years he was as good as Ponting was at the time. And Ponting was better than anyone else I have ever seen, so that is extraordinary praise. But to call him the best with his OK-mediocre-holyhellthat'sdire run of form over the last two years is tough.

    Pietersen - I have no idea what's happened to him. This should be his time to shine, and he doesn't look like shining. I think he can get back to his "glory" 05-06-07 form again, but I don't think he can reach the kind of phenomenal peak that everyone expected of him. He just has a mental thing, I have no idea why.

    Clarke - probably the firmest candidate, for reasons that should be obvious to all. Mostly, however, because he has shown one shining quality above all the others and that is an ability to work feverishly on his own game.

    ABdeV - the dark horse. For some reason I can help thinking that he's SA's Clarke and as such could have a stellar 6-7 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spark View Post
    Don't really rate Gambhir in the same category as Clarke/Pietersen/ABdeV. Nor does anyone else based on the poll.
    Not 100% true as we are allowed only 1 vote. I feel for Gambhir cause he's up against 4 middle order bats and is coming off a pair!

    I love AB, but voted for Clarke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NUFAN View Post
    Not 100% true as we are allowed only 1 vote. I feel for Gambhir cause he's up against 4 middle order bats and is coming off a pair!

    I love AB, but voted for Clarke.
    Eh, you would've thought that someone would have voted for him based on how polls work out.

    Not saying he's a bad player by any means, just that he's not quite in the same league as those three I've named (Hussey because of his age is different)

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    Hmm well if they all retired right now I'd say Hussey. I'd take Clarke ahead of him for a Test starting tomorrow though and I'm confident it'll be Clarke who finishes his career in the highest esteem.
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    Pietersen for me but he seems to have lost his focus and at present Clarke is a better player.KP is in danger of throwing away his career the way he is going as he hasn't made a ton for 18 months in any form of the game according to TMS yesterday which for such a good player is an abysmal record despite the months he missed injured.

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    Clarke for me, very solid batsmen.

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    Must go for Huss after his P H E N O M I N A L start. And his ability to annoy Pakistan...
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    Clarke for mine, though tbf I haven't really seen all that much of Gambhir and ABDV. Pietersen and Hussey far too inconsistent of late though.
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    They've all had poor years at some point or another. Clarke was dropped in 2006, ABD was pretty average until 2008, Pietersen has been average since 2008 and Hussey has been average since 2008. Gambhir I dont think is a realistic option because he wasnt a regular till the summer of 2008.

    Out of all those names, perhaps Clarke has been the most consistent and he may very well end up being the best out of all of them but Hussey in 2005-06-07 was simply sensational and I think he is still a very good player.
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