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Thread: A middle ground between Test Cricket and ODI

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    A middle ground between Test Cricket and ODI

    In April of 2008, I had thought of an alternative form of cricket - Two Day International and put the idea on my blog (link below).

    Sukesh Hoogan

    However, not many have been able to access this blog for whatever reasons and take the idea forward. Then a few months back, I came across this forum and became a member. I am reproducing (with a very minor edit) the article here for members to comment upon.

    The ongoing hoopla and frenzy about Indian Permier League is not good for the game of cricket, in spite of the fact it is drawing in vulgar amounts of moolah. The T20 format is reducing cricket to other sports like football/soccer and hockey - duration wise. (I must make it clear that I love hockey and do not care much about football). Personally, I hate the T20 format. And in such a short duration, there is no scope for the finer nuances of the game. Cricket was never meant to be a one night stand.

    An alternate and better format to try out would be a Two Day International (TDI), a 50 overs limited overs involving 4 innings. A sort of halfway mark between the test/first class and the innings limited overs game. Each team gets to bat twice. Surely there should be some innovative rules to make the contest more interesting.

    For example, any team not batting the allotted 50 overs should be fined 6 runs per over or 15 runs for every 5 overs. The benefit of such a rule would be the importance of the bowlers would be on par with the batsmen. Each team would be try to bowl out the other, who would do their best to stay put for 50 overs. No free hits on account of a no-ball. Instead, each no ball could fetch 2 runs. Other rules of limited overs match like fielding restrictions and power play should be included. And please, the game be played in the traditional whites and not in pyajamas.

    An ideal game spread over the week-end (Saturday-Sunday). It would be a money spinner (if that is all that matters) for the players, the authorities, the sponsors and who have you.


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    how about 40 over ODI's? they would be better in opinion, though it would hard for anyone to get double century that way

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