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Thread: The Man Behind The Afghan Dream

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    The Man Behind The Afghan Dream

    The Man Behind The Afghan Dream

    I thought they did ok, would definately like to see more of Hamid Hassan and Noor Ali.

    quite a metioric rise when you think about it,

    Did anyone take them to heart? With Afghanistan being war torn, I think it increases their appeal to the masses.

    Like Georgia in the Rugby World Cup.

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    Honestly didn't see them play in the 20/20s but you can't help but support them I reckon when considering their circumstances

    Liked these comments

    I see you recently won the ACC competition, how popular is cricket in your part of Asia? .

    Cricket is the number one sports in Afghanistan everybody likes and loves the game.

    How big is cricket in Afghanistan, compared to other popular sports in the country? .

    In 2002 to 2005 football was the popular sport after the Afghan Under 15?s got awarded runner up in a competition between all of Asia. Then our national team won so many championships, cricket became well ahead of any other sports in the country, it?s currently the number one sport.
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