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Thread: Noor Ali

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    Noor Ali

    Here is my interview with Afghan batsman Noor Ali.

    I dont think anyone would argue that Afghanistan are somewhat of an unknown quantity in this tournament, and I imagine that will still be the case after this indepth bit of "journalistic grilling"

    However I hope it will open your eyes, if even just a slim crescent to the workings of the consumate underdogs in the ICC T20.

    Ricky Ponting gets his shoes shined too!

    Take a look!

    Cheers Chaps and Chapesses.
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    Interesting read. Glad there's good coverage over in Afghanistan.
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    I don't know how the volcanic plume has altered the preperations for other teams, but the Afghans fly out today so will have no warm up games to get used to the conditions, as mentioned in the interview.

    Do you think this will be an issue or would you imagine the tracks in the Windies would be pretty 'universal'?

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    Good interview.Will be nice if Afghanistan do well

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    I think you really want to get used to West Indies tracks if you can. They're generally very slow and take lots of turn. That lack of pace is something you want to adjust to as much as possible. As I've always said with slow pitches they're horrible for cricket. They ordinary players into heroes and heroes into ordinary players. It all becomes about bowling variations, bowling very straight and fullish, wait for the mistakes or mi****s and if you're batting brute force it down the ground.

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    Just going to test the filter here:

    Edit: blimey.

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    Hmmmm. I could've sworn that mi**** was taken out of it.
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