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Thread: How, despite everything, I learned to love...

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    How, despite everything, I learned to love...

    ...Kevin Pietersen:

    When I realised that his character flaws can be explained just by looking at him as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh who happens to be really good at cricket

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    I haven't been cursed alothugh I know many have.
    Quote Originally Posted by zaremba
    If Shoiab starts throwing his jockstrap around, they're all going to catch something

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    Haha Zaremba.

    I was the same with Stuart MacGill once I started thinking of him as Eddie Munster who bowled half-trackers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNT View Post
    You need to clap a cows c**** over your head and get a woolly bull to f**** some sense into you.

    "Do you know why I have credibility? Because I don't exude morality." - Bob Hawke

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    Yep, KP just wants to bo loved and who are we to deny him that.

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