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Thread: Question about net run rates

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    Question about net run rates

    How is it calculated?

    If Team A makes 180 runs in 20 overs, and bowls out Team B for 110 in 11 overs, will it have a NRR of -1? (9 minus 10)

    If Team C makes 180 runs in 20 overs and Team D makes 160/5 in 20 overs, will it have NRR of +1?

    In that case don't you think Team A is made to suffer because it suceeded in getting wickets and won much more convincingly than Team C?

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    If a team's bowled out, isn't the run-rate worked out using the full complement of overs? So, for example, the first example would be 9 minus 5.5? I stand to be corrected though.

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    I think the total number of overs are counted in case a team gets bowled out, so in your scenario, the net runrate of the winning team will be 9-5.5 = +3.5.

    See Scenario 4 here.

    Net run rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thanks Voltman and vcs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Alex View Post
    Thanks Voltman and vcs...
    Yeah, that's correct. It gets messier with D/L, however!
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