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Thread: Steyn knocks out Indians shows pitch hardly matters

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    Steyn knocks out Indians shows pitch hardly matters

    When South Africa Put a Mammoth total of 558 on day 2 the discussion started again on pitch that it has nothing for Bowlers ,Except Zaheer our bowlers looked out of sorts, I was amazed to see Harbhajan Bowling with Long off and Long on when Kallis and Amla were batting brilliantly and made mockery of Indian attack.We need to learn how to bowl well when we do not win the toss as that is what BCCI can' t ensure , Spinners can not be excused that they can be effective only on day 4 and 5 on a broken pitch.

    Indian were under pressure to defend this total with In experienced middle order and relied heavily on opening pair who could not provide good start. With one of the most lethal and joyful spells of pace and swing seen in India, a red-hot Dale Steyn took the pitch out of the equation and led South Africa to the verge of what should be close to their finest Test victory

    Dale steyn not only used conventional swing in first session with new ball but came back hard with old ball to remove indian tail quickly

    Steyn had famously said, "A 150 or 145km yorker is absolutely no different whether you bowl it here in Nagpur, Chennai, Johannesburg, Perth." Turns out, even if Steyn is not bowling yorkers, but swinging it accurately at a healthy pace, and when it all comes together in one spell, the pitch matters little.

    Now as the follow-on is already imposed and Indians have again lost both openers all eyes are on The little Master or one of the youngsters to put the hand up and save the game

    The real game has just began this is not Bangladesh and Srilanka against whom scoring century looks very simple here the technique of Dhoni will also be tested.

    Miheer Shah
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irfan
    We may not like you, your filthy rich coffers or your ratbag scum of supporters but by god do we respect you as a football team

    Is Cam White, Is Good.

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    Yeah, we have the official thread for this. Use that in future.

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