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Thread: Jonty dumps wife for young girl

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    Jonty dumps wife for young girl

    So news just in Die Burger, that cricket legend and all-round, squeaky-clean Christian former family man, Jonty Rhodes is to leave his wife and two children (aged 9 and 4) and move to Cape Town to be with a “new woman.”


    And boo bloody hiss.

    Here’s what I don’t understand:

    JR is a vocal and high-profile Christian, who only last year was quoted as saying that his born-again experience all stems back to his meeting Kate (his wife): “Now I know why the Lord put us together, because she was the one that set me on the right track.”

    What does he think, then, God would think, about him hightailing it down to Bloubergstrand?

    He was only 24 when he married his wife, but surely, (especially for a Christian, and one so clearly instructed by his Lord, to be with his wife,) that is no excuse?

    I know it is none of my business, but hypocrisy and using religion when it suits, makes my blood boil, nonetheless.

    How does he face his maker, after he’s pulled this stunt?

    And, never mind God, how does he face his small children?

    Of course, all of us are weak, and vulnerable to our human frailties etc. Not one of us should be compelled to stay in a truly miserable marriage, but a man who is in such close and grandiose contact with …God, is not all of us.

    And a man who, just last year was telling Christian magazines how happy he was in his marriage, is not a man who is dying inside.

    That is a man who has just met someone else he likes better.

    A man who, in pursuit of that new someone, doesn’t care that much about God, his wife, or his children.

    In an interview with Joy Magazine, only last year, he said, when asked what the future holds for him: “I have never been a long term planner, so this is a funny question for me! I take each day as it comes and tend to only plan a few things at a time, as God leads me. What I can say though, is that Kate and I love South Africa and we have no intention of leaving. Throughout my travels to many different countries, I have come to realise that there is no place like home. We still have so many places to explore and Kate and I are excited to raise our kids here and to see what the future holds.”

    Oh pooh.

    This time, God didn’t lead you to Bloubergstrand, Jonty, something else ( a little more …base? A little more …human? A little less holy?)

    Famous cricketer, Christian family man Jonty Rhodes leaves his wife and two small children to move in with another woman in Cape Town

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    I'm not bothered about the personal life of cricketers really. They all make mistakes and do their thing. There are millions of people who do the same thing (and worse things) ever single day. Jonty Rhodes is great in my book for what he gave to cricket, not necessarily for his preaching and public persona. Why bring religion and all that into a cricket forum? :s

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