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Thread: The All Time Great that CricketWeb forgot

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    The All Time Great that CricketWeb forgot

    The All Time Great that CricketWeb forgot
    In our recent quest for the top 50 cricketers of all time 109 names were put forward. In this feature Martin explains his surprise and disappointment that Stan McCabe's wasn't one of them.

    by Martin Chandler

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    the guy's trash bro
    The statistics paint a meaningful picture. By the time McCabe was finally dismissed for 232 he had scored more than 75% of the runs added whilst he was at the wicket. His latter 123 runs, which were scored in just 80 minutes, comprised as he farmed the strike 22 fours, 13 twos and just 9 singles. With last man Chuck Fleetwood-Smith he made 72 out of the 77 they added for the final wicket in just 35 minutes.
    That, in particular the bolded bit, always amazes me when I read it

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