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Thread: National Leaders. Game of Cricket *Request for Info or Help*

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    National Leaders. Game of Cricket *Request for Info or Help*

    I had a meeting with the former US Ambassador to Bangladesh today (to give the source of the story rather than to namedrop) and the conversation got around to two of my favorite topics, cricket and Zimbabwe.

    He told me the story of when he was in Zimbabwe in 91 during the Commonwealth Conference that there was a game of cricket that a number of the Heads of Government (including John Major) and High Commisioners played in as a celebration of the game and the bonds between the Commonwealth nations (Mugabe watched but did not play but he thought some WI leaders, amongst others, were involved).

    I was suprised that I had not heard of this. Sounded like an interesting and very newsworthy event. So I have googled and all I can find is the odd quote from Major about the event

    Quote Originally Posted by John Major
    At the Commonwealth Conference in Harare in 1991, we held a
    cricket match. I opened the batting at the Wanderers Ground
    with Bob Hawke, then Prime Minister of Australia. The ground
    was overflowing but, to prevent swollen heads among the
    politicians, it was made clear to us that the spectators had come
    to see their local hero, Graeme Hick. To them – and how wise
    they were – cricket mattered a good deal more than politics!
    Our time on that pitch revealed some national characteristics:
    Hawke stole the bowling unmercifully and when – after 10
    Overs – we were ushered off the pitch to – and I quote the
    Umpire – “make way for the real cricketers”, I asked Bob if
    he’d known we were only due to have a brief time at the wicket.
    Looking – only a little shifty – he replied: “Jeez, yes, John,
    didn’t I tell you?”. Believe me, the Aussies are tough
    competitors – on and off the cricket field.
    So my questions are, do any of our more senior posters recall this event? Has anyone read books that mention the event? Does anyone have any further information?

    Do we know (or can we find out) which leaders played? Do any photos exist? etc

    Im interested in finding out more about this game (as it sounds pretty unique) and if people have info or want to have a dig around then that would be great.
    If I only just posted the above post, please wait 5 mins before replying as there will be edits

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    I guess I will have to wait for someone from Cricinfo to read this and write an article on it

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