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Thread: Mathew Sinclair - Cricket: Anything Can Happen

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    Mathew Sinclair - Cricket: Anything Can Happen

    Cricket: Anything Can Happen
    This year will be another challenge for me with a busy schedule coupled with my benefit year and a book launch in the new year. It will be like all the other years before me and the prospect of playing against some very strong teams and a likely chance of representing my country still sits high on my agenda. Consistency has always been every player's goal and that reality for me was evident last year and even more of a challenge is to back it up this year.
    by Mathew Sinclair

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    Don't be jealous of the Georgie Pie super smash
    I was lucky enough to have been awarded the Domestic Player of the Year Award, an achievement that I was really stoked with,
    When I was watching the awards show on TV I was wondering about what the players truly thought about the awards. And good to know that they value it.

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