Warrior Luke Ronchi talks all things cricket

1:16 Ross Lewis: Please get your questions in for Warriors wicketkeeper-batsman Luke Ronchi.
1:30 [Comment From Bucko from Cannington]
Luke as a wicketkeeper you're a good judge of the pace of the pitch. What is the WACA Ground like now. Is it back to the old days.
1:31 Luke Ronchi: It's getting quicker and has better carry. We had a centre wicket practice yesterday and it showed some good signs of getting back to what it once was.

1:31 [Comment From Bocker]
who has been the best bowler for australia in the ashes?

1:33 Luke Ronchi: It's brought a new aspect to the game, making captains think a bit harder, and has brought some life to the middle stages of a one-day innings

1:34 [Comment From Tilly]
Are you confident of getting another go with the Australian team?

1:34 Luke Ronchi: I hope so! My first priority is to perform well for WA and hopefully that will lead to bigger and better things

1:35 [Comment From Bruiser]
What's you view on Shaun Marsh's recall for the India series. How's his hamstring

1:35 Luke Ronchi: His hammy is good, it's a lot stronger now, and I am very happy for him that he has worked his way back into the team. I wish him all the best for the tour.

1:35 [Comment From Tenzing]
Are you looking forward to playing alongside Chris Gayle in the Big Bash.

1:36 Luke Ronchi: Most definitely!!! He will bring a whole lot of excitement to the games that we play and to our change rooms. Hopefully I get the chance to bat with him because it would be a great experience.

1:36 [Comment From Spiro the spinner]
Have you ever tried using one of those two-sided flat bats that players use to play the reverse sweep. Are they any good?

1:37 Luke Ronchi: I have tried one, but it is not quite my cup of tea. Some players do like them though.

1:37 [Comment From Backstop]
Luke, are you playing in the IPL next year?

1:38 Luke Ronchi: I have got a contract for another year, so hopefully yes!

1:38 [Comment From Short leg]
Who is the fastest bowler you have faced or had to keep to?

1:38 Luke Ronchi: For both questions, it is definitely Shaun Tait. He is rapid!

1:39 [Comment From Clarry from cottesloe]
What's like having so many Queenslanders in the WA team. Do you guys know how to bend bananas now.

1:40 Luke Ronchi: It's good because they are all doing well for us! Still working on the art of banana bending though!

1:40 [Comment From Jim Taylor]
What's the standard of club cricket like nowadays. Are there too many teams?

1:42 Luke Ronchi: It seems to be going ok, but I think if there were less teams the competition would be better. However I understand that merging clubs would not work so well with the amount of cricketers that play these days.

1:42 [Comment From Kirsten]
Luke - any word on Chris Gayle - will he be playing for WA this year? Will the Warriors get a change to play the Windies?

1:43 Luke Ronchi: Yes he will in the Twenty20 competition, the KFC Big Bash. Unfortunately with the Windies' tight schedule and the fact we are on the road when they are here for the WACA Test Match, we won't get the chance to play a tour match against them.

1:43 Ross Lewis: Keep the questions coming. Luke is here until 2.30pm.

1:43 [Comment From Ryan]
Can WA win the Twenty20 series this year with so many big hitters

1:44 Luke Ronchi: Yes we can! We are strong with both bat and ball, and if we perform to our ability we have got every chance to win it.

1:45 [Comment From Freddy]
Why isn't WA producing their own pace bowlers?

1:47 Luke Ronchi: We have got some good young pace bowlers coming through the ranks at the moment. Some are contracted and some are uncontracted. Nathan Coulter-Nile, Simon Branston are a couple on our list, then you have guys like Pat Molinari who did well in the Futures League game this week as well.

1:47 [Comment From Ryan]
Have you faced Ashley Noffke yet? What's he like on the track

1:48 Luke Ronchi: Yes I have played against him for many years in various forms of cricket and at training. Since he has arrived in Perth I have faced him in the nets and in practice matches. He gets some good shape and bowls a heavy ball.

1:49 [Comment From brockley]
You have not done well in IPL so far,do you hope to succeed next year,and how will you go about that?

1:51 Luke Ronchi: Haha, thanks Brockley! In my first year, in 2008, I was run out twice in four innings, and in 2009 I only played one match and was run out again! Maybe that's what I need to work on! Hopefully next year I'll get on the right side of the selectors to play more and perform better.

1:51 [Comment From Fidel Castro]
Does Tim Paine's recent form for Australia put extra pressure on you to perform, or do you tend not to pay too much attention to other players and just concentrate on your own game?

1:52 Luke Ronchi: It doesn't put extra pressure on me because all I can do is concentrate on what I'm doing for WA. If that leads to playing for Australia, then great, but otherwise I just concentrate on my own game.

1:52 [Comment From brockley]
Has micth marsh got what it takes to play for australia one day>

1:53 Luke Ronchi: Yes he does! He can bowl some good pace and he can hit the ball a long way. Given he hasn't even turned 18 yet, he is an exciting prospect.

1:53 [Comment From brockley]
Do you see the need for more tems like the canberra comets?

1:54 Luke Ronchi: The competition is good the way it is and competition is fierce among the six states.

1:54 [Comment From Oils]
Do you like to have many throwdowns at training ?

1:54 Luke Ronchi: Yes I do, and I don't mind hitting them straight back at certain people!

1:55 [Comment From Stu]
Luke, how'd you get into keeping? No good throwing down the nut? Or just didn't fancy running around the field all day?

1:56 Luke Ronchi: Haha, I actually can bowl. I used to be an all-rounder, but got into keeping because the keeper got hurt during a school game and no one else wanted to do it, so I put my hand up. The rest is history!

1:56 [Comment From brockley]
any chance of going solo and being like andrew symmonds and just playing 20/20 cricket round the world?

1:57 Luke Ronchi: No chance. I enjoy playing the longer forms just as much as the shorter forms, and I'm not as good a hitter as Andrew Symonds!

1:57 [Comment From Buckets]
How much scouting work do you do on opposition State teams?

1:58 Luke Ronchi: Good question Buckets. We look at every team we come up against using video footage and also feedback from players.

1:58 [Comment From Gunter]
What's the best thing about being on a tour with the Australian team, the food, the hotels...the groupies

1:59 Luke Ronchi: Being in the change rooms with some amazing cricketers like Ponting, Hussey, Lee, and being able to enjoy a drink with them after a game. And there is no such thing as groupies for little players like myself!

2:00 [Comment From Jamis]
Are the Warriors still disappointed about missing out on playing in the inaugural T20 Champions League?

2:01 Luke Ronchi: Yes we are! But it was a terrible tragedy in Mumbai 48 hours before we were supposed to leave for last year's tournament . Sometimes there are things more important than sport.

2:01 [Comment From Gerard Wilkinson]
How do you think your club side Perth is going to perform in this year's A grade season

2:02 Luke Ronchi: I think we are going to have to perform well to make the finals. It's going to be tough but enjoyable work for the boys playing.

2:03 [Comment From Nicko]
Hi Luke good luck this season...

2:04 Luke Ronchi: Thanks Nicko! Looking forward to representing the Retravision Warriors in the Weet-Bix Sheffield Shield, Ford Ranger Cup and KFC Twenty20 Big Bash competitions, as well as the Perth Demons in the Retravision Shield.

2:04 [Comment From Colin Milburn]
Luke, I read once that you've scored more ducks opening than any other oneday opener yet you also scored maybe the quicket 100 ever. How tough is it to open?

2:06 Luke Ronchi: I'm renowned for my ducks, but it's something that I am getting used to! When I open I've gone hard at the wrong balls and got myself out for very little, and when I have watched the first few closely I have batted a lot better and make runs.

2:06 [Comment From brockley]
Where will you bat in the one dayers and 20/20 this year?

2:06 Luke Ronchi: I have no idea at the moment ... I think I will find out at training tomorrow. But I am happy to bat wherever the team needs me.

2:07 [Comment From Gerard Wilkinson]
Do you think the 50 over format has become stale? and do you prefer 20 20s?

2:07 Luke Ronchi: I don't think 50 over cricket has gone stale, but with the introduction of Twenty20 it looks that way to some people. I love playing both formats.

2:08 [Comment From Anon]
How is the group gelling as a team any preseason camps or army drills

2:09 Luke Ronchi: The group is gelling really well. Everyone, including our new arrivals, has had a great pre-season. We had a camp in Dwellingup and a short trip to KL last month, which were both beneficial for the squad.

2:09 [Comment From Stu]
I noticed today's paper that you've got some serious ink on your left arm - what have you got there? Are many WA/Aus cricketers (Michael Clarke aside) fans of the tats?

2:11 Luke Ronchi: I have got some stuff on both arms to do with cricket, family and other things that I like. I got the first one and after that I was addicted! There are a few players around that don't mind the ink.

2:11 [Comment From Rachel]
What sort of music do you listen you? Any metal?

2:12 Luke Ronchi: I listen to anything, but I'm more into rock. Foo Fighters are my favourite.

2:12 [Comment From brockley]
No chance of a kiwi berth one day if things don't work out for you?

2:13 Luke Ronchi: Haha, no I won't be heading back there anytime soon. I'm going to be playing here in the west for as long as possible.

2:13 [Comment From nawanda]
Do you feel under pressure after being dropped last year ?

2:14 Luke Ronchi: Only the pressure I put on myself. I'm mentally and technically a lot stronger than last year and can't wait for Sunday!

2:14 [Comment From Ferris]
Favourite ground to play at (apart from Fletcher)?

2:16 Luke Ronchi: The WACA, of course, our home ground. I like the SCG - got my maiden first class 100 there. Adelaide Oval, and St Kitts as well.

2:16 [Comment From Gazza]
Relating to the other question, are there groupies for the other Australian players?

2:16 Luke Ronchi: I was only joking ... there is no such thing as groupies.

2:17 [Comment From Don]
Do you have a WAG like Mitchell Johnson yet?

2:18 Luke Ronchi: Yes I am happily engaged to the lovely Shaan. We are expecting our first child at the end of the summer in April.

2:18 [Comment From brockley]
how bad is mitch marsh's injury?

2:18 Luke Ronchi: He should be out for another 4 to 6 weeks

2:19 [Comment From Rhys]
What do you think, if anything in particular, was the reason for your poor season last year? I'm a massive fan but was pretty dissapointed you didn't follow through with your good work the previous years.

2:20 Luke Ronchi: Thanks for your support Rhys. Last year my mental strength was terrible and I could not get myself out of a bad form slump. It will all change this season.

2:20 [Comment From Alan Singer]
What are the staff like to work with down at the waca?

2:22 Luke Ronchi: We have got a fantastic Media Manager in Dan Davini, but the Midland-Guildford Cricket Officer should have a good hard look at himself. Sam Cox does a great job looking after us players as well.

2:22 [Comment From Paul Keenan]
Have you ever come close to winning the olly cooley medal?

2:22 Luke Ronchi: No mate, and any chance of you coming down to training soon?

2:23 [Comment From Mulls]
My young toddler is a a massive fan of yours luke as she always smiles when you are batting when we watch the warriors... Good luck this season...

2:23 Luke Ronchi: Thanks mate ... see you in about an hour!

2:24 [Comment From Hosea]
Which AFL team do you support?

2:24 Luke Ronchi: The Eagles ... hopefully they can get back in the eight next year!

2:24 [Comment From Anth]
You guys trained and played an intra club game at Balcatta Cricket Club's home ground, Jones-Paskin Reserve recently! Great to see The Warriors come out to the suburbs to promote the game! How did you find the facilities?

2:25 Luke Ronchi: The facilities were fantastic. All the boys were grateful that the Balcatta Cricket Club opened their doors to us. The wicket was excellent as well.

2:25 [Comment From brockley]
who is the best spinner in west australia?

2:27 Luke Ronchi: We have got two great spinners on our list in Aaron Heal and Josh Mangan. Unfortunately Healso has torn his side and is out for a couple of weeks, but has been bowling really well. Mango has also been bowling well, and went ok in the Futures League match this week. It will be a great contest to see who can nail down a regular berth in the team between those two.

2:28 Ross Lewis: Last chance to get your questions in.

2:29 [Comment From ballas]
where do u feel most comfortable batting in the shorter version of games

2:29 Luke Ronchi: I'm happy batting anywhere as long as I can make a difference for the team.

2:30 Ross Lewis: Thanks to Luke Ronchi for his time in answering your questions. Remember the Retravision Warriors start their season at the WACA Ground on Sunday with a Ford Ranger Cup clash with Queensland.

See you at the game!

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Writer: Ross Lewis

Warrior Luke Ronchi talks all things cricket