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Thread: FICA rejects post-2012 draft of FTP

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    FICA rejects post-2012 draft of FTP

    FICA rejects post-2012 draft | Cricket News | Cricinfo ICC Site |

    FICA is spot on. However, if I am the BCCI, should I be expected to give up a potential revenue of $100,000,000 USD from a seven match series? I would, but I live in la-la land when it comes to cricket. ECB are in a similar position, though less pronounced.

    In reality, no board is ever going to give that up. So what are the options that can be realistic? Keep everything the same, just mandate a minimum of 8-10 Tests per calendar year per team, and simply have a 1v2 championship Test series every two years or so? That would be the simplest option without decreasing anyone's revenue. In an ideal world, FICA's suggestions would be adopted, they make the most sense and I think are the best for the long term future of cricket. But I wouldn't want to be the president of a board that tells all the state/county associations that I gave up several hundred million dollars a year in revenue for an idealistic plan for the 'future of the game'
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    Annual test and ODI championships, an IPL and Champions League window and more sensible points. Just boot the ICC and make FICA the main board imo.

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    Making Test series based more around the Test Championship sounds like a good idea and it sounds as if the ICC itself is coming around to that idea as well but i still think we are still a bit off from a plan both sides find agreeable.

    But yeah the ICC needs to make some room for the IPL otherwise this will just be a constant thorn in player-board relations.

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